• Being one of the greenest cities of the world, it is also the financial and entertainment epicenter of the country. Johannesburg is the combination of big city culture, dining, shopping and night life, with outdoor adventures and wild life encounters, and of course, the blend of both the malls and open air markets, you will find plenty of exceptional souvenirs to keep you occupied.

    • Balloon Ride

    You will be spellbound to see the Hyundai Balloon, by the Birds Gardens at Monte Casino, because at first sight, it looks just like advertising blimps of Hyundai car dealer which you see everywhere, but as you go closer you will realize that actually it’s a tourist attraction. It’s a 15 minutes trip; the 500m cable retracts underground slowly and then hoists the tourists above Johannesburg, where you can witness the great view of the Sandton and the Magaliesburg Mountains.

    • Pulsating Moments
    • Want to hang out with family and friends, then the new Randburg waterfront is a great place. The artificial lake is highlighted with colorful fountains, along with it offering attractions like multiplex cinemas, theatres and a very strange ‘swimming golf course’. There are over 50 restaurants to satiate your palate and for shopaholics’ flea markets having 350 stalls. So bring empty bags, when you come to Johannesburg.
    • Johannesburg travel quotes offer a huge entertainment complex, built on the site of a former gold mine, Gold Reef City. There is a theme park with roller coasters and some other less scary activities, along with it, a range of casinos and hotels. The Apartheid Museum and the gold mine, is the fascinating part of this area, giving information of gold mines.
    • Adventure and Wild Life

    There are en numbers of Johannesburg tourist attractions, known for its wild life The Lion Park is one of them, while driving through the reserve you can watch them in action, hear the loud roar of them and can see herds of impala, gemsbok, springbok, wild beast, blesbok and also white lions.

    • De Wildt Cheetah Breeding Station is another best example of conservation provided by Johannesburg tours, as South Africa is all about conservation, because of its greenery and savanna forests. This centre does much work giving knowledge of big cats and African wild dog also which are not only attractive but also important ecologically.
      Johannesburg zoo is another tourist sightseeing place, where you can see more than 300 species of animals, making the wild life of Johannesburg, one of the world’s most renowned wild lives.
    • Must See and Do

    There are ample opportunities of things to do and see in Johannesburg city, the Sun City has a exclusive heartbeat and an African beat of its own unlike any other destination in the world, as you can witness the scenic beauty of the heaven between the mountains, and can experience boating in the valley of lakes and also enjoy water scooters at Cabbanas.

    • Like to go for Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Abseiling or Paintballs and many more, then visit Soweto which is the only place, where you get a chance to indulge in such activities, and can have a panoramic view if you can climb up to the top.