• There is so much to see and do in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. It is not only the financial and cultural hub for Spain, but also the seat to the Spanish government, as well as the city of Spanish Royal family. Madrid is also known for its nightlife and entertainment. As the area was well established since Roman times, there is a lot to explore and see for art lovers and museum buffs. Madrid is a huge city, and one can spend a week here and still find a lot more to see. There is a lot more to explore outside the city itself. Browse the popular tour packages Madrid and plan a holiday there this season.
    Madrid is the largest Spanish city where you will find a rich mixture of cultures. This medieval city is full of charm and suggested excursions include Toledo or a visit to Segovia where the extraordinary castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney. This is indeed a very active city with busy business centers during the day and a bustling nightlife. Compare Madrid travel quotes before planning the cheapest family tour.

    What to do and see in Madrid?
    Madrid is surrounded by mountains with beautiful landscapes that still remain undiscovered by most visitors. The city will leave you baffled as to where to start and where to go first as a tourist. Moving around the city is not too difficult and one of the best ways is to use the local railway and buses.
    Here are some good suggestions so as to make the most of your trip.

    • Alcala de Henares

    The town is famous by its ancient university and is also the birthplace of the Spanish writer Cervantes. Declared world heritage site by UNESCO, do not miss the chance of wandering through its streets during your Madrid tour.

    • Aranjuez

    Thanks to the concert by the Spanish guitar player Joaquín Rodrigo, Aranjuez has become famous. The Royal Palace and the beautiful gardens of Aranjuez are not to be missed, and it is also a world heritage site.

    • Navacerrada ski resort

    This is one of the most popular in Spain, and gets quite crowded during the weekend. It is about 65 kilometers from Madrid and a must to visit for the ski lovers.

    • El Escorial

    This is a famous monastery and a must to include in your Madrid tour packages. The impressive palace and monastery was once the Royal Seat and mausoleum of Spanish kings.

    • Chinchon

    Do not miss this picturesque village, and it is a must to have a look at its main square, with its colonnades and balconies.

    You will find that majority of the main companies in Spain have established their headquarters in Madrid. Therefore, you will find the best facilities and modern amenities in the city. There are leading restaurants, theaters, shopping centers and malls. Look for Madrid best package from your tour operator. This is a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage and an awesome natural beauty around. Get the best and the cheapest family tour Madrid for a great holiday.