• Alsace lies on the west bank of the river Rhine between the Vosges and the Rhine mountains. It shares a border with Germany to the north and east. Look for exciting Alsace tour packages and plan a great vacation here this season. The city has a lot to offer to tis tourists. Alsace is definitely Germanic with its brightly-painted steep roofs. One can come across the brightly colored half-timbered houses in the local Alsatian style. Strasbourg is the region’s capital that offers the feel of a central European city. Compare travel quotes Alsace with leading travel experts before planning Alsace vacation.

    Alsace is a region that lies in the heart of Europe and is full of places of interest with many wonderful things to do. It has an abundance of natural and architectural sites. There are forests and mountains, medieval castles and charming floral villages to explore during Alsace holiday. The city carries an exceptional heritage with its Romanesque churches and cities.

    Major attractions in Alsace holiday

    Strasbourg is known as one of the fine cities of France with its magnificent architecture and its historic centre. Its gothic cathedral is among the most visited in France, and the Christmas Market event attracts thousands of visitors from all over France. Do not forget to explore Strasbourg during Alsace cheapest family tour.

    This is one of the biggest traditional Christmas market in Europe as well as the oldest one. It runs through December, and its growing international success have led to the development of other Christmas markets in the region.

    This is a major manufacturing centre in Alsace and also boasts of an impressive car museum that houses the world’s largest collection of Bugattis. Other popular venues are French national railway museum and Ecomusée d’Alsace open-air museum.

    Alsace Wines
    Alsace is well famous for its many events related to wine. There are summer wine festivals and vineyards to explore. Look for the Wine route in Alsace tour packages and get to try some of the local wines. Alsace wine tourism has been growing at a steady rate and attracts a large number of wine lovers from all over the world. Truly, wine becomes a journey here.

    Alsace is almost like a land of fairy tale, what with half-timbered houses in the flower-bedecked villages that are surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes. This is the right place to be for all those who love being with the nature. A wide variety of different restaurants at Alsace offers a great selection of different cuisines.

    Alsace is also famous for its beer such as Meteor or Kronenbourg. There are other local specialities like Alsace Flammekueche, its sauerkraut, Alsatian gingerbread and many traditional dishes. Look for the best package Alsace and explore the city that includes the eastern side of the Vosges. Browse the thickly wooded mountains for plenty of opportunities such as rambling, hiking and other outdoor activities during Alsace holiday!

    Look for the cheapest family tour after comparing travel quotes Alsace and get ready for a great holiday.