• Be A Smart Traveler To Australia

    Australia is one of the most popular destination among tourists, especially among budget travelers and backpackers. With its vast landscapes, white-sand beaches, Australia attracts millions of travelers and is certainly one-of-a-kind destination. . It is also one of the most remote countries in the world, as well as a vast country. Thus, one should plan journeys carefully, especially if they are traveling to remote areas, going swimming or bush walking. When planning a vacation in Australia, one should arm themselves with basic information about the continent and be a savvy traveler to this amazing country.

    One should monitor the climate and weather of Australia as it is prone to seasonal natural disasters such as flash flooding, tropical cyclones, bushfires, storms, etc. Western Australia and Queensland are prime to cyclones between November and April. Therefore, avoid an Australia tour during this time.

    You will need a visa to enter Australia and go through only legal procedures. Avoid all those scam advertisements you see that encourage you extend a working holiday visa and take their help. It is essential to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you plan a trip to Australia. This should cover all the activities you plan to do here such as diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc.

    Here are other essential points that you should be aware of when planning a vacation in Australia.

    • Beware of carrying or indulging in illegal drugs as Australian authorities take strict action against anyone who is found to be trafficking illegal drugs. One can face deportation and lengthy jail sentences.
    • Australia is strict about quarantine rules, and every piece of luggage is x-rayed on arrival. If found with items of concern, it is further inspected, treated or destroyed. Heavy fines are implied for any breach of quarantine regulations.
    • If carrying confectionery, teas, coffees, dried fruit and vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices, sporting equipment, etc., you have to declare everything on an incoming passenger card.
    • Avoid carrying travel documents and personal possessions in one bag. Do not leave your belongings unattended in vehicles, pubs, cafes or clubs.
    • Avoid those the cheaper hotels and hostels as theft from safety deposit boxes is common. Be more vigilant at night, especially at those busy and popular tourist areas.
    • \Use a valid driving license if you plan to drive in Australia during your vacation. Always carry your passport and driving license when driving.
    • Read the driving laws and regulations as they differ in each state. Wear a seat belt at all times and it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
    • The coverage network for mobile phone network works well in bigger cities and towns but at other places, the network is weak and very limited. It is better to buy an Australian SIM card on arrival.

      • For travelers aged one year or older, Yellow Fever vaccination is required within six days of having stayed in.

      Get more information about the destination you plan to spend time at and enjoy a great vacation.