• Beach Holidays In Egypt Those Famous Temples And Pyramids

    Egypt’s ancient allure is hard to resist for the holiday makers, and thousands get drawn to those historical treasures of this beautiful country year after year. The steady rise in the number of tourists is a proof that the Egypt is fast becoming one of the favorite holiday destinations among the vacationers. Apart those mystifying tombs and ancient pyramids, Egypt has a lot more to offer, and it is a great vacation here on its warm and glorious beaches. Europeans especially get attracted to its wonderful stretches of beaches that are both inexpensive and well appointed. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see people arriving here on Egypt’s beaches for specialized vacations and in chartered airlines. Go ahead and plan a special Egypt vacation on the beach.

    • The seven beach zones of Egypt

    Egypt is made of seven beach zones and these consist of beaches along the Suez Canal, the northern Sinai, along the Gulf of Suez, Suez Canal over to Libya, Gulf of Aqaba, Gulf of Suez and the southern Sinai region opening onto the Red Sea. Some of these beaches attract extensive tourism while others are more generalized. One can look for exciting tour packages Egypt that focus those glorious beaches that are to be found only in Egypt.

    • Sharm el Sheikh holidays

    You will simply not be able to take your eyes off of the breathtaking views of Mount Sinai and those glistening Red Sea waters. The incredible beaches and sand dunes offer a vibrant holiday atmosphere. Enjoy the added excitement of desert adventure as you relax on the beautiful white sandy beaches bordering the crystal blue waters. The divers and snorkelers find it hard to resist the breathtaking coral reefs of the Ras Mohammed National Park. There is a vibrant holiday atmosphere around with fantastic facilities and luxurious hotels. Compare
    Egypt travel quotes before planning your vacation.

    • Hurghada

    The vibrant metropolis is the second biggest town on the Red Sea and makes for one of the busiest holiday destinations. The 20-kilometre coastline is dotted with plenty of hotels and restaurants. The scenic shoreline boasts of dozens of private hotel beaches with soft white sands, that enter gently into the turquoise sea.Special attractions are the dolphin-friendly reefs and the coral gardens.

    • Marsa Alam

    This is one of the southern resorts, lying on the virgin stretch of Red Sea. The shimmering beaches lining up the 50-kilometre coastline are fast rising in popularity. You will fall in love with the lovely stretch of white sand and the innumerable water sports offered here. Love exploring the reef with dugongs and giant turtles or go to the other end of the spectrum at Golaan and Honkorab towards south with solitary mangroves. Marsa Alam is well known for some of the most unspoilt reefs in Egypt, and Elphinstone Reef is certainly one of the best. Samadai Reef is where those spinner dolphins get together.

    Book the best package Egypt right now and enjoy some of those superb vacations on the beaches under the glorious sunshine. Look at the ancient civilization or go venturing into the desert into the ancient civilization.