• Berlin for Great History, Friendly Charm and Dramatic Experience

    What is it about Berlin that lures its tourists year after year? Is it the cutting-edge architecture or the vibrant culture along with fabulous food? Some tourists love those intense parties and combo of glamour and grit that keeps them mesmerized during Berlin vacation. It is perhaps a blend of all and Berlins has something to offer to every kind of tourist. Berlin experience is all about friendly charm and the incredible array of sights rich with great history. Look for the leading tour packages Berlin and get ready to enjoy its many cafés, bars, street art, clubs and numerous museums.

    Berlin’s architecture is very impressive, although it was badly damaged during World War II and the reunification push after the Berlin Wall was dropped in 1989. Compare Berlin travel quotes to look at the different historic periods in the city center. There are a number of medieval buildings that are still surviving near Alexanderplatz as well as the ultra-modern glass and steel structures. The city carries several distinctive neighborhoods because of its tumultuous history and carry traces of the world War and German reunification.

    • The Brandenburg Gate

    When looking for the best package Berlin, you will find that the first thing that comes to mind is the Brandenburg Gate, that is one of the most famous landmark. After all, the structure has been a symbol of division for decades and the beating heart of the city, bursting with art, culture and creativity. It is an inspiration to visit the monument.

    • Rich in History

    Berlin has been shaped by the world, whether it was Hitler or Bismarck and Marx or Einstein and Hitler. You will come face to face with richly textured history strain back at you at every turn. The city was headquartered by Nazis, experienced a revolution, was divided and then reunited. So much has happened here and there are remnants everywhere, whether it is the Berlin Wall, the marvelous Prussian palace or the Checkpoint Charlie. It is like a fascinating 3D storybook that never runs out of stories.

    • Kurfürstendamm

    The elegant shopping street in the western parts of Berlin is a highlight and you’ll find exclusive galleries, on-trend boutiques and world-famous Kaufhaus des Westens department store. Include the trip in Berlin cheapest family tour and get inspired as well as feel good about yourself and the world.

    You will love everything about Berlin, its sky bars, vast swaths of green, those iconic sights, and chic restaurants. Berlin is irresistible and unpredictable, and there’s nothing static about it. You will love it and it will love you back all the more. The multicultural metropolis maintains an unpretentious charm of an international village where the locals and tourists ‘live and let live’ together. There is a great emphasis on the creative lifestyle and status symbols. Drinking is a religious rite and the cafes remain jammed at all hours. The clubs are buzzing with life until the wee hours or beyond. This is Berlin!