• Berne – A City Made Of Many Fountains, Sandstone Facadesand Historic Towers

    The city of Bern is the de facto capital of Switzerland and is the fourth most populous city in Switzerland. The main language spoken here is a Swiss dialect called Bernese Germanbecame a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 and is world famous for its best quality of life. There are very few cities such as Bern that have managed to retain their historic features. The 6 kilometers of arcades boasts of the longest shopping promenades in Europe. Compare Berne travel quotes and land the best Berne vacation this season.

    Bern is the seat of Switzerland’s government and the Houses of Parliament is open to visitors most of the time and located very near to the railway station. Explore different tour packages Berne so as to explore the different attractions of the city.

    The city of Bern

    The city is builtof local sandstone and boast of gables, bay windows, and more arcades than found in any of the city in Europe. It claims to have the highest Gothic cathedral in Switzerland, the Münster-Cathedral. A prime example of 18th-century Protestant church architecture can be seen in the Heiliggeist-Kirche. You wall come across towers, arcades, and lots of old fountains throughout the city as you enjoy the cheapest family tour, Berne. Watch for the fantastic puppets that pop out before the hour at the Clock Tower. Explore the Center Paul Klee exhibits that boasts of the largest collection from greatest 20th-century artists.

    The rose garden
    Do include a visit to Rose Garden in Berne best package. Here you will get a wonderful view of the Old Town. In the rose garden, you will find hundreds of varieties of rose in every possible shade. The public parks known for the rich beauty of flowers and a pond. There are rhododendrons, iris and azaleas in the garden.

    Bernisches Historisches Museum
    The Museum highlights the fields of early history and ethnography, and you will find objects on display that range from the Stone Age to the present, and from the different cultures of all continents. There is an impressive presentation of the life and work of Albert Einstein. Animated films and experiments in the 1,200 square meters of space, ethnographic objects and old movies are looked upon as the world-class objects of the Museum.

    The Bear Park
    The bear-friendly BearPark near Björk and Finn is a great place to relax, and you can just retreat and relax here on the new-found freedom on the beautiful slope of the Aare river.This is a special experience for children as well as adults. Walk along the paths running through the park down to get a great insight into the lives of the bears. One can watch the bears playing, bathing and climbing right in front of their eyes.

    It is a lot more to do and see while you are here on Berne vacation. One can explore the city on foot or take the public transport that carries a good network.