• Summer Palace – The Best-Preserved Imperial Garden In The World

    The Summer Palace is considered to be the most well-preserved royal garden in the world. It is the largest of its kind that is still present in China and is just 15 km from central Beijing. Therefore, when looking for cheapest family tour in China, do not forget to ask for Summer Palace tour packages. Entering those gardens is like entering another world. The palace belongs to the later Qing Dynasty and epitomizes classical Chinese architecture. The garden is well known for its design and construction and serves as a major tourist attraction. The emperor and Princess Dowager Cixi received foreign diplomats and handled court affairs here. Look for the cheapest family tour Summer Palace and explore its grandeur to the full.

    • A little history

    Emperor Qianglong built the Summer Palace in 1750 and it covers an area of 70 thousand square meters. It was damaged by the invaders in 1900 and was rebuilt by the Government in 1912. It was opened to tourists in 1912. There is no doubt that it is one of the loveliest spots in Beijing and boasts a vast collection of lakes, gardens, and palaces. Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake dominate the vast expanse of the Summer Palace. Three-quarters of the 720 acres of the Summer Palace is water.

    Summer Palace was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. This is truly a masterpiece of Chinese garden designing. One will come across a number of artificial and natural features like the palaces, temples pavilions, halls, and bridges. What you find is an exceptional example of esthetic value

    • Longevity Hill

    This is about 60 meters high and boasts of many buildings. There are splendid halls and pavilions in the front hill, and there is an abundance of natural beauty in the back hill. The man-made Kunming Lake covers around 540 acres. There is a wide variety of palaces, gardens in the Summer Palace that are known for their classical-style architecture. You will come across three marvelous buildings – Temple of Buddhist Virtue, Sea of Wisdom Temple and the Cloud-Dispelling Hall. Tower of Buddhist Incense is the focal point for the Temple of Buddhist and is 20-meter-tall and is supported by eight ironwood.

    • Other popular structures

    Some of the other notable buildings that you will come across during your Summer Palace tour are Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, Hall of Happiness and Longevity, Hall of Jade Ripples, and a lot more.

    Look for the Summer Palace best package so that you are able to see the major attractions. Most people feel that they need to spend the entire day here to see and enjoy the Palace and its gardens, buildings, and waterways. One can enjoy a traditional Chinese performance and explore the traditional shops by the river. Just wander around and enjoy the different buildings and courtyards as well as the scenic views around for a soothing experience. There are many vantage points and pleasant spots along the way in the Summer Palace that are true examples of pleasure.