• Many tourists are often discouraged at the idea of European tour as they have an image of the whole tour to turn out to be very expensive. Well, this is not true entirely, provided you are looking in the right direction. There are cheap vacation packages that are possible for Europe holidays. Read on to learn more.

    Porto, Portugal
    Portugal is already very popular among the tourists and one can head for Porto too, known as the ‘Wine City’, as it is famous for its fantastic port wines. You will find beautiful medieval and baroque architecture here. There are plenty of glorious beaches for those starving for sunbathing and the night life is brimming with excitement with plenty of clubs and bars.

    Wrocław, Poland
    Poland has fantastic destinations to offer and is one of the popular European destinations among the tourists. The nightlife is fantastic here and there is plenty to do during the daytime to keep you busy Rynek, the central square and the beautiful Japanese Garden are very popular. Browse for cheap vacation packages in Poland.

    Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    Plovdiv is worth going to and is also known as the Paris of the Balkans. The bohemian, trendy city offers a great nightlife and fans can enjoy the mix of history in the city and explore the Ottoman-empire mosque, Roman amphitheatre and the Bachkovo Monastery. The European tour is incomplete without a visit to Plovdiv.

    Riga, Latvia
    This is an upcoming European destination and boasts of the best club scenes in Europe. Do not forget to try Balsam liquor here. Visit Liepāja home to beautiful white beaches
    and an ex-secret Soviet military town. Enjoy the Balkan Beach Party Festival and you can also stay the night in a prison for a truly unique experience.

    Ohrid, Macedonia
    Ohrid , one of the oldest settlements in the whole of Europe is getting famous because of its natural beauty and is turning into a favorite European destination. The flourishing nightlife, glittering lake and those cobbled alleyways are enough to keep the tourist interested. Those beaches on the lakeside are vibrant and the spiritual capital is very proud of its cultural heritage.

    You can plan cheap vacations in Europe around the above mentioned destinations and get ready for some great Europe holidays without making a dent on your pocket.