• Copenhagen – The Dynamic Danish Capital with Modern Architecture and Stunning

    Shop to your heart’s content in Copenhagen
    When it comes to shopping, Copenhagen is simply excellent. The city is full of exclusive designer boutiques as well as indie retailers and some magnificent flagship stores. There areseveral grand department stores in the city center, and it is no surprise to see tourists rating it as the very best for their shopping. There is something here for everyone. Look for the best tour packagesCopenhagen to enjoy great shopping here.

    Tivoli Gardens
    These gardens have enchanted Copenhageners, as well as tourists from all over the world, and it looks like a small fairy tale village.Tivoli’s got something for everyone and boasts of world’s oldestroller coasters. The Star Flyer is another popular attraction, and there are roller coasters to theatres, gourmet restaurants, cafés, bars, in the very special amusement park.Tivoli converts into a winter fairyland during Christmas and always treats visitors to some special events.

    Little Mermaid
    Talk to any Danish sailor, and he will be full of stories of those mermaids. The Little Mermaids tilting peacefully on a rock is the most famous attraction in Copenhagen. When you compare Copenhagen travel quotes, do not forget to include the trip to see the little mermaid. It was in 1909 that the sculpture was commissioned and is based on a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. Edward Eriksen sculptured the bronzemermaid and used his wife Eline as a model.The head was modelled afterEllen Price, the primaballerina.

    Copenhagen Zoo
    The Copenhagen Zoo boasts of a wide range, or animals, and one will come across small birds, big elephants as well as tropical, nocturnal species from African savannah and American pampas. There are about 250 species of more than 3,500 animals.Visitors get to enjoy activities such as feedinglions and chimpanzees, ride a pony or get close to baby animals. Look for Copenhagen best package to include the above major attractions.

    National Museum
    The National Museum was established in 1807 and holds several impressive collections. It is the premier in the cultural history and includes Frihedsmuseet, Frilandsmuseet and the Music Museum. Take a journey through time and history as you explore the National Museum. You get to see modern society, as well as the tough Vikings, until the 1900s in the exhibitions focusing on different eras. Watch out for exhibitions such as Medieval & Renaissance and Denmark’s Prehistory. Visit the Children’s Museum to get a closer to look at the exciting historical objects.