• County Armagh – Where History Comes To Life

    Armagh is the smallest of Northern Ireland’s counties and rich in history. There are endless culture and scenic landscapes to explore during your Armagh vacation. Armagh is known as the ‘Orchard County’ too because of the rich apple growing country. It is a must to visit the countryside here during May as the pink flowers of apple trees look striking against the green landscape. Be a part of the Apple Blossom Festival that celebrates the delicious Bramley apple. Look for exciting tour packages Armagh and plan the cheapest family tour for a memorable holiday.

    Rich in heritage
    You will find Armagh City to be rich in heritage and culture. It is a fine example of Georgian elegance. The famous Mall was one of the city’s racecourse that is lined by green leafy trees and elegant houses. The surrounding areas have much deeper roots in the past, and one can look at the history at the County Museum. Browse through the prehistoric artefacts and collections relating to the history and culture of the county. Look for the best package Armagh that covers these tourist attractions.

    Armagh City is famous for its rich Christian heritage, and there are many other attractions that reflect its past. Ever since Saint Patrick established his first church on the hilltop, the settlement has been the spiritual capital of Ireland. The heads of Anglican and Catholic Churches are seated here.

    Navan Fort
    Visit the Navan Fort that lies to the west of the city and is an ancient ceremonial site. The large circular earthwork surrounds the peak of a drumlin hill and has fascinated archaeologists for years. Irish mythology always mentions the Navan Fort which is believed to be the earliest capital of Ulster. Visit the Navan Centre that explores the history of the site. Include Navan Fort in your tour packages Armagh.

    Houses and parks
    Armagh county has much to offer for visitors of all kinds and with varied interests. There are pretty properties of the Argory, Ardress House and Derrymore House. There are pretty National Trust properties of Ardress House, Derrymore House and the Argory. These beautiful country estates are worth exploring during your vacation in Armagh.

    Peatlands Park
    Peatlands Park covers a wide area of bog woodland and lies to the north-west of the county. You will come across more than 10 miles of paths that go through its varied habitats. You can try your hand at bog snorkeling. Explore the landscape of the biggest freshwater lake in Ireland or Britain on the shores of Lough Neagh. Enjoy walks and birdwatching and feast your eyes on the panoramic views.

    There are many other attractions of interest that you will discover on Armagh cheapest family tour. Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum can relive the history of the Battle of Barossa and Napoleonic Wars. Visit Armagh Planetarium, Observatory and Astropark. Compare Armagh travel quotes and plan a great holiday here. After all, there is so much to see and explore here in the county for the nature lovers.