• Cruise with a Difference in Russia!

    The river cruises in Russia are the most popular among the tourists to Russia. After all, this is the best way to visit and explore Russia. Watch the world drift by as you relax on the decks as you cruise those wonderful lakes, rivers and canals that link the two major cities in Russia – Moscow and St Petersburg. Look for tour packages Russia that offer the best experience of river cruising. You are well on your way of a fantastic voyage of discovery that help you uncover the architectural and historical treasures of Russia. You’ll remember those cruises forever!

    • Cruising the mighty Moscow and the fascinating St. Petersburg

    Russia has much to offer when it comes to cruise holidays, and the remarkable waterways system of the country allows ships to travel all the way from the Mediterranean to the hundreds of miles inland. The rivers, canals and other waterways in Russia are linked to Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Aral Sea, Caspian Sea, and the Sea of Azov. There are three main areas to cruise – Northwestern European Russia, Central European Russia and Asian Russia. The main Russian rivers are River Volga, which is also the longest river in Europe and the main waterway, River Don, River Dnieper and River Neva. The most popular cruise lies between Moscow and St Petersburg that can take around 10 days.

    • Embark on the fascinating journey that will take at least 10 days of cruising and explore the interesting ways to discover Russia while from a ship. Sail along the complex network of the connecting rivers, canals and lakes that link St. Petersburg and Moscow. You will come face to face with the fascinating modern and ancient cities on the way and discover the Eastern Europe’s countryside. Compare Russia travel quotes to get the beast packages for cruising.
    • Plan the right route so as to have a vacation of a lifetime. You can travel on the routes that were taken by the Russian Tsars and get information about their folklore, local legends and history. You will get to see those beautiful white-stoned churches and monasteries as you discover the life of Russian province. Look for Russia cheapest family tour to include those wonderful cruises and come back with an unforgettable experience.
    • You will find that Russia has two sides to it, one is made of the great cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the other carries its history and culture in its heartland. One can spend several days cruising and touring some of the important landmarks of the country like Red Square, Moscow’s Kremlin, St. Petersburg’s Catherine Palace, Hermitage, Peter & Paul Fortress and a lot more. There are exclusive, and private tours with Hermitage scholars and one should not miss the rare opportunity to appreciate art and culture of the most amazing museum in St. Petersburg.

    This is just the right way to see the real side of Russia. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed on the spacious four deck vessels that have been recently renovated. All cabins carry large picture windows and come with controlled heating and air conditioning. There are facilities and features like bars, solarium, restaurant, medical room, souvenir store, conference hall, etc. Look for the best package Russia that can take you one of those wonderful cruises in Russia.