• Make The Best of Your Trip to Davao City Known for Cleanliness and Safety

    Davao is located in Mindanao, Philippines and serves as the main trade and commerce industry hub for the country. Also referred to as the “Durian Capital” of the Philippines, there is a lot to explore here during Davao vacation. Davao City is looked upon as the model city by the rest of the country and boasts of having the lowest crime rates as well as its cleanliness. Davao carries anabundance of natural resources and is considered the Food Basket of the Philippines. Compare Davao travel quotes with leading tour operators and plan a great vacation here in Davao.
    There is plenty to do, see and eat here while on Davao vacation,

    Find the best Durian
    It is here in Davao that you will find the best Durian that is more pungent and a bit bitter. The Thai variety is sweeter and less pungent. Durian is said to be an aphrodisiac, and one must wash their hands & drink water so as to get rid of the pungent smell. Avoid eating durian and drinking beer or alcohol at the same time. It is best had with plain water or Coke.

    Eden Nature Park
    During your cheapest family tourDavao, you will love the wonderful sight of greenery and vegetables and herbs garden. One can smell the fresh scents of all the herbs and will crave for fresh salads. Eden is the perfect place to go whenever you want to see, feel and eat fresh! The blooms in the gardens, thescent of pine trees, and the delectable foods will simply make you keep coming back for more.

    Philippine Eagle Nature Center
    Do not miss the chance of getting a glimpse of the nearly extinct Philippine Eagle and head straight for Philippine Eagle Nature Center. Include the trip in your tour packagesDavao and visit the center that is home to 36 Philippine Eagles, as well as other bird species, mammal species, and reptile species.

    Davao Crocodile Park
    Explore the habitat of the wildest creatures known to men right in the heart of the city. The fascination to crocodiles hasgrown into a lucrative leather business. The wildlife preserve is home to many other speciesapart from saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. Include a visit to the park and make a visit this place and enjoy the wonders.

    Mt. Apo
    Although Mt. Apo is not exclusive to Davao City, it is a popular tourist destination that can be reached through Bukidnon and Kidapawan. Still, one will need to pass through Davao City in order to explore the trails that lead to the famous mountain peak of Mt. Apo, which is the largest mountain in the Philippines. Include a trip to Mt. Apo in Davao best package.

    People’s Park
    The park is a tourist magnet as well as Davao’s pride. The cultural-themed park carries muchlife-sized sculptures of the Lumads and the Philippine eagle. The park covers 4-hectares and also features the Dancing Fountain, the Promenade, man-made waterfalls, benches and Kid’s playground.