• Deauville – The Queen Of The Norman Beaches

    Deauville is placed in northwestern France and was conceived for fashionable pleasures. Today, the marshy areas have been converted to resorts and the region gets further support by a brand-new railway line. You will come cross some great hotels, stylish racecourses and smart bathing facilities. There are more chic additions planned on the cards. Deauville’sreputation grew after World War II and today, it is a favorite tourist destination. Apart from the well-established pleasures of golf, art galleries, horseracing, polo and upmarket shopping, the number of cultural events have risen in the area.

    Exciting renovations are going on and it is a delight to come across colorful parasols in summer, those glorious sandy beaches and a lot more. Look for the cheapest family tourDeauville and get ready for a joyful vacation.

    The Parisian Riviera
    Deauville is looked upon as the queen of the Norman beaches and is one of the most prestigious seaside resorts. It has long been home to the high society’s seaside houses and has been rightly called the Parisian Riviera. The fashionable holiday resort is just the right place for the international upper class and is the first choice for the wealthy looking for a desirable family resort. Compare travel quotes Deauville and lands the best holiday package if planning to visit Deauville. This is the ultimate go-to destination for the upper crust of French society for decades. Today, the glamorous seaside resort boasts of great casinos, thoroughbred horse racetracks, and you will get to see lots of chic visitors.

    Pick one of the colorful parasols and keep to the sands. Enjoy the most popular activity of celebrity spotting. There is alot for everyone to do and explore here besides watching out for the celebrities. There are recreation clubs for children and teens, seaside tennis courts, Thalasso spa, a swimming pool, and a water sports center where one can rent boats and boards. Browse for Deauville best package to make the most of your holiday.

    Deauville-La Touques Racecourse
    Deauville has always been about horses and the races govern the resort’s seasons. Today one can enjoy more than sixty days’ racing a year and well over seven months of horse racing. Coupe de Deauville (Deauville Cup) is the most prestigious and was renamed Grand Prix de Deauville in 1871. It is held every year on the last Sunday of August.

    The open air museum
    Deauville is like an open air museum, and there is a lot to discover here about its history and heritage. For example, the Town Hall building thatwas built in 1881 remained unchanged since its construction. The architect Saintin built it. The market square and the covered market show-cases the skills of local craftsmen and is anexpression of a regional identity. The Pierwas built for the safety of the fishermen. The villa Les Abeilles is stylistically more mediaeval than Norman and was built in 1910. Look for the Deauville tour packages that let you enjoy the countless attractions here.