• Denmark For Sandy Beaches, Beer And SpiritsAnd Romantic Retreats

    Denmark tourism has shown a consistent growth, and the tourism industry here is a major economic contributor. Hundreds and thousands of tourists flock to Denmarkfrom all over the world as well as the neighboring countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.Denmark is known for its sandy beaches as well as readily accessible beer, wines and spirits.Denmarkis sold as a fairytale country and is Europe’s oldest kingdom. Look for Exciting tour packagesDenmark to plan a great holiday here. There are world class attractions, activities and wineries to explore here.

    The majority of Denmark’smajor attractions are within walking distance, especially when you are in Copenhagen, the capital region. Explore Denmark best package to enjoy those attractions and make the best of your holiday. There are wonderful wildflowers, birds to see and whale watching. Explore Valley of the Giants, the famous Tree Top Wal or enjoy the glorious beaches such as Elephant Rocksand Greens Pool.Danes are proud of their country being praised as one of the greenest countries in the world and environmentalism is looked upon as a collective responsibility. It is no wonder to find bikes all over and use of renewable energy, mainly wind power during your cheapest family tourDenmark.

    Things to do and see during Denmark vacation

    Denmark Islands
    Denmark is an island nation and boasts of more than 400 islands that are inhabited and uninhabited. The place is rich inhistory and churches. Those small islands make for the most intriguing destinations and offers a good density of sights. Those varied landscapes offer great possibilities for hiking and biking.Some remote islands carry a lot of characters and are known for their hilly woods, white cliffs and lonely coasts.

    Viking heritage
    TheDanes still take great pride in their Viking heritage and those burial mounds marking the landscape everywhere in the country speak about their visual heritage.Most of those mounds are from the earlier Bronze Age period.The two museums near Roskilde are perhaps the most interesting as they display the Viking ship and a recreatedViking village. The National Museum in Copenhagen too carries a good collection of Viking artefacts. Compare Denmark travel quotes to land the best vacation.

    World Heritage Sites
    Denmark is full of many fine castles and palaces, and there are three world heritage sites that include the Jelling rune stones, Roskilde Cathedral and Kronborg castle in Helsingør. Roskilde Cathedralwasthe first Gothic churchin Northern Europe and the Kronborg castle was thehome of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and guarded the main route to the Baltic Sea.

    The glorious Beaches
    DuringDenmark vacation, you will come across a fantastic coastline, and one is never far away from a beach. Millions of tourists can be seen in the vacation homes dotting the coast and enjoying the world classbeacheswith unbroken white sand for miles to an end. Include those beaches in your tour packagesDenmark.

    There is plenty to do and see in Denmark that boasts of music and Jazz Festival as well as
    amusement parks. Enjoy coastal fishing, freshwater fishing along with hunting in Denmark.