• Dubai is truly a unique and a fascinating destination that is a paradise for the tourists. There are endless numbers of attractions here for visitors as the emirate is successfully able to embrace a kaleidoscope of scenery in a very small area. As a tourist, one can experience everything from those awe-inspiring sand dunes to rugged mountains. There are lush green parks, sandy beaches, and those ancient houses with wind towers as well as ultra-modern shopping malls will never cease to amaze you. Peer out of the window of your hotel room and you are sure to get an astonishing view of the picturesque skyline of Dubai.

    Why Visit Dubai?

    There several good reasons as to what makes Dubai one of the top destinations for vacationing, living or doing business.

    • Perfect Location – Dubai, located halfway between Europe and Asia enjoys a great location and it is just a couple of hours from any major city across the world and there are several direct flights.
    • Paradise For Shoppers – Dubai is the second most popular destination in the world for shopping after the United States. Today, the name Dubai is synonymous with shopping and offers duty free gold, electronics, etc.
    • Heritage & Museums – There are a number of historic buildings and sites around Dubai and the recent archaeological discoveries have unearthed hundreds of artifacts that have been carefully preserved in Dubai Museum.
    • A Lively Nightlife – Dubai is famous for its lively nightlife and one can come across Western-style lounges, informal British and Irish pubs with great food, music and each with its own ambience.
    • An Array of Hotels – There is a hotel here to suit every taste and cater to every budget. You will find the most expensive seven star hotels as well as the very affordable ones, where the tourists can enjoy unmatched peace and tranquility.
    • Visit Dubai and do not forget to see the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island. Both buildings offer a visual extravaganza from the sky. Dubai has certainly established itself as the major tourist attraction of the Middle East. There are dazzling events and entertainment attractions going on all through the year along with exhibitions.