• Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists and travelers venture out of their homes looking forward to a great vacation with their family or loved ones. They look forward to spending some quality time and away from the humdrum of life, but sometimes the vacation tour ends up being a nightmare. After all, it is not uncommon to hear about horror stories on passport being stolen or tourists robbed by their taxi drivers.

    The authority on Crime Prevention Section in most countries contributes to the safety and security of the tourists and travelers during vacations. Whether one is planning a trip within their country or going abroad, the first priority is to take care of all those travel safety issues. While one should use their common sense during their travel, they also need to be extra careful in some matters. It is seen that people are obviously in a mood to enjoy and during tend to become careless and vulnerable, thus encouraging those vulnerabilities that can lead to holiday crime. One can never be too organized or too careful. It is very essential to keep some safety tips on the family holiday so that you come back with some happy and nice memories.

    Important holiday safety tips

      1. Keep all your documents related to travel like passport, tickets, Identification Cards and other papers in one place. It is best to have photocopies of the same kept in other location.

      2. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and dress casually and in comfortable clothes.

      3. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or wallet, if possible. Use check or credit card when possible.If you need to carry cash, keep it in the front pocket.

      4. It is a benefit to carry your Driver License and Identification Card along

      5. You may be rushed or stressed out, and thinking about a dozen things, but still try to remain alert to your surroundings.

      6. You should have your credit card number, ATM card numbers and the card issuer stored in your memory or at a safe place.

      7. In case your credit card get lost, stolen or misused, you have to notify the credit card issuer immediately.

      8. Be extra cautious at overcrowded areas such as shopping malls, transportation terminals, travel hubs, etc.

      9. Avoid driving alone at night or going for long walks at secluded places.

      10. Do not overload yourself with packages so as to get higher visibility and freedom of motion so as to avoid many mishaps.

      11. Avoid strangers at your door as criminals often pose as couriers delivering gift or asking for donations door-to-door for charitable causes.

    Share the above information on safety tips on the family holiday with your friend and other travelers. Travel safety should be you top priority. Holidays and vacations are all about spending time with family and friends, good food and times and lots of laughter. While holiday times can be exciting, there are some important points to keep in mind to keep your family safe this season. Pay close attention to the above-listed safety tips on vacation and use your common sense when holidaying.