• Be amazed by the unexpected sights of Edinburgh, as, who, so ever travels to Edinburgh, comes to see the amalgamation of historical grace and the contemporary elegance in this capital city. It has inimitable charm and high rise buildings making the journey of the travelers astounding. A fulfilling holiday awaits you in this marvelous city of Edinburgh and brings your visit to life.

    • City View

    When you think of Edinburgh, you can think of Edinburgh Castle only and nothing else, where ever you are in the city you can have a view of this castle as, it is atop Castle Rock which is an extinct volcano that elevates this castle above the rest of the city. Without visiting this historical haven your tour will be incomplete.

    • Ice Rink

    Edinburgh’s ice hockey team is known to everyone so Murrayfield Ice Rink is a real treat for those who love skating; it is near Murrayfield Rugby Stadium and is open for public every day.

    • Fun and Frolic

    Edinburgh travel offers convenient packages to travelers to visit every part of the city, Edinburgh Zoo is one of them, where you can see one of the most exciting creatures of the world, the monkeys swinging from the trees and the march and play of penguins, the pandas and colas, it is a place of fun for the whole family.
    Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh, is another sightseeing place for nature lovers, lush green grass and the calmness and serenity of the place, with collection of over 15,000 plants and flowers from all over the world will win your heart, and as the entry is free of cost so it will not be a burden on your pocket.

    • Know your Drink

    Want to have a drink, then become a part of the process of making whisky at the Scottish Whisky heritage Centre, and come to know the history and heritage of this famous Scottish whisky, and have an experience, with one of the various Scotland tours available, which offers individual tasting whiskey and help you to find your own favorite whisky.

    • Historical Facts

    Look out for the costumed performers who give live performance of historical events at the renowned Scotland’s historical attraction the Edinburgh Castle. You will come face to face with the past and the present and know about the battles and events of Scottish history. Artifacts of Scottish military can be witnessed at the National War Museum. The world’s greatest art of modern and contemporary are in the heart of this museum.

    Enjoy your tour of Edinburgh to the fullest by dining, shopping and playing at the exotic water side location at Ocean Terminal a famous venue for the locals as well as the tourists. There are array of restaurants to change the taste of your palate and after taking part in the retail therapy of 70 shops, you can spend time in spa or watch block buster at the cinema, spending time at the Royal Yacht r Britannia is full of new experience of life.

    To fulfill all your desires on your tour to Edinburgh, compare Edinburgh tours for family discounts and packages, so as to venture every nook and corner of this beautiful city.