• Funen with Myriad of Beaches, Forests, Thatched Farmhouses and Grasslands

    Funen is the third largest island in Denmark and links to Sealand by the Great Belt Bridge.Fåborg and Svendborg, the small coastal towns are popular among tourist. This year, plan Funen vacation with your loved ones and explore this attractive island with gorgeous views. Visit the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, a popular spot as well asLady’s Viking ship grave. Explore the unspoiled islands, narrow streets and thatched cottages as well as the castles in the surroundings. Compare Funen travel quotes and look forward to an exciting vacation.

    The Fairytale Island
    Funenis the ideal place for families with small kinds and growing children. There are child-friendly beaches all over as well as camping sites with water parks plus lots of activities for children and families. There is always something exciting to do and see on the island that is also home to the famous author H.C. Andersen. His residence has been convertedinto a museum. Explore tour packagesFunen to get the best holiday ever.

    Svendborg and Kerteminde
    Svendborg and Kerteminde boast of colorful houses and cobblestone streets. You are going to love the picturesque maritime towns. At Kerteminde, there is an interactive museum about ocean lifeforms. Both the cities were fishing towns and thus offer some great seafood and quality fish restaurants.

    If you are looking for the rural past of the island, head straight for Den FynskeLandsby, where the original houses have been carefully reconstructed. You will be taken back to the era of 18th and 19thcenturies. Take part in activities such as milking, traditional harvests, creating old-fashioned handicrafts and foods, etc.

    Hiking,Fishing, and biking
    Funen offers beautiful natural experiences to its visitors. Look for the cheapest family tourFunen and enjoy hiking and biking paths in the scenic surroundings. Explore the beautiful areas around thepicturesqueLake and the lush wildlife.Another popular activity forlocals and tourists alike is fishing in, rivers, lakes and the ocean.Hunting is also possible, but one will need a permit from the governmental wildlife agency.

    There is vibrant nightlife, and musicat outdoor events and in clubs in Oden and Rosengårdcentret. You will come across venues for alternative rock and jazz as well as shopsfabricating traditional handicrafts and modern applied arts.Look for Funen best package to make the most of your holiday.

    Eat and Drink in Funen
    In Funen, you will come across many restaurants that serve local delicacies, as well as fast food places such as Burger King and McDonald. One will come across every possible cuisine here such as Chinese, American, Indian, Italian, Greek, Arabic and Vietnamese. The food is of great quality and is comparatively cheap.Finish fare includes mainly fish and seafood dishes of high-quality. One of the cornerstones of Danish beverages is Beer and the local brewery Albani makeslovely lagers and darker varieties. You will also come across bottled ales, Belgian and German beer as well as English cask.
    Enjoy your vacation in Funen, and explore the endless attractions the island has to offer.