• Genoa – Lovely Seaside Villas, Artistic Churches and Terracotta-Roofed Houses

    Visit Genoa, the historical port city in northern Italy. The capital of the Region of Liguria is a major tourist attraction and next in popularity to cities like Rome or Venice. When you explore tour packages Genoa, you will learn about the number of hidden gems among those cozy alleyways and the excellent cuisine. Genoa is well famous for its fish and seafood. It is also the birthplace of explorer Christopher Columbus, and the enticing place is fast becoming popular among the tourists worldwide. The city is typically Italian with those Mediterranean-looking houses covered by slate roofs. There are lots of tiny and quirky alleyways brimming with outdoor cafes and bars. Get ready to explore avant-garde modern architecture as well as some seaside bars and shops.

    Compare Genoa travel quotes and plan a great holiday here in this wonderful city of a big crawling port. The once-important trading center has bred historic game-changers such as Mazzini and Columbus. The weighty art heritage can be felt in its cosmopolitan air. Hunt for Genoa best package to enjoy the many attractions here.

    Musei di Strada Nuova
    Formerly called the Strada Nuova, it was planned by Galeazzo Alessi in the 16th century. Dotted by Galeazzo Alessi in the 16th century, it has become the city’s most sought-after quarter. Rosso, Bianco and Doria-Tursi palazzi comprise the Musei di Strada Nuova and hold the city’s finest collection of old masters between them. The Sala Paganiniana is the palace’s highlight that showcase the ection of legendary violinist Niccolò Paganini’s personal effects.

    Galata Museo del Mare
    Genoa’s ‘museum of the sea’ is one of the most relevant and interesting. Explore the high-tech exhibits that trace back the history of seafaring. The ground floor has a section that is dedicated to Christopher Columbus. Extra drama gets added because of sound effects and snippets of film. There is valuable collection of old maps and globes on the second floor while you can enjoy the best cityscape views at the top floor.

    Palazzo Reale
    Do not miss the chance to visit one of the Palazzi dei Rolli. You will love the terraced gardens, the fine collection of Renaissance art, as well as exquisite furnishings. The gilded Hall of Mirrors is worth the visit. There are numerous other artefacts and collections of frescoes and stuccoes.

    Genoa Shore Excursion
    Discover the unique landscape, enchanting beaches and turquoise waters in the UNESCO protected territory of Genoa. There are charming villages with dry-laid stone walls to explore. An excursion to Cinque Terre is simply a marvelous way to spend your time in port in Genoa. Explore miles of spectacular rocky coast and thousands of kilometers of dry walls. Discover medieval fishing villages and terraces cultivated with vineyards.

    Today, Genoa is one of the best kept travel destinations secrets that has loads of interesting tourist attractions and boasts of many famous landmarks. The tourists love the pleasant, mild climate as it is conveniently located near the South of France. Look for the cheapest family tour Genoa to explore the gateway city to the Italian Riviera.