• Goa – Rome of the East and Pearl of the Orient

    Goa lies on the western coast of India and looks like a gem of sapphire and green hues on the beautiful shore of the Arabian Sea. The smallest state in India is one of the top draws for a beach holiday and packs a punch what with its truly stunning distractions as well as the amazing food, culture, and habits. Compare Goa travel quotes and get ready to explore a vast range of activities available here. You can relax by the beach with a beer in hand or be a part of one of those interesting pursuits in the upbeat and exuberant destination. This is your chance to explore life to the fullest during Goa vacation.

    Goa is blessed with sun sand and sea and is truly one of the most visited tourist destination in the world. Attracting millions of tourists every year, this s the right spot to be at to enjoy the colorful festivals or experience the amazing natural beauty here. There is plenty to do here. So look for the cheapest family tour Goa and be part of different tours such as Goa attractions, Goa transportation, Goa attractions, cultural programs, and shows. Goa festivals and Goa Shopping is simply unparalleled.

    Spend a leisurely time at Goa
    When you look at different tour packages Goa, you will learn about the endless activities that can be explored here such as water sports or join yoga classes the beaches. Siolim Cooking Classes is for those who love to try their hand at different dishes. Goa is famous for its Hindu temples, Portuguese churches, and wildlife sanctuaries. Other famous attractions in Goa are Dudhsagar Falls, Bom Jesus, Mangueshi Temple and Shantadurga. Wax Museum in Old Goa showcases some wax personalities of Indian history. Explore lush green Konkan coast with its breathtaking scenic beauty as well as architectural splendors of massive forts. Visit those magnificent churches and ornate temples amidst the Portuguese mansions.

    Love exploring underwaters
    Goa beaches are most popular among the tourist and especially for windsurfing. The placid waters and cool breeze seem calm and light in the morning and get stronger in the afternoons. Look forward to a relaxing experience on the waters of Goa with Dinghy sailing. Scuba diving is the best activity for those who love exploring underwater. There is a wide range of marine life, corals, and reefs as well as wreckages of old Portuguese and Spanish galleons. You can also enjoy water skiing, angling, and parasailing. Goa is the right place to be at if interested in seeing dolphins frolic and play around in the sea.

    You are truly at the land that is a potpourri of various cultures and traditions. Explore life to the fullest with those lively parties along the palm-fringed beaches. Goa never ceases to amaze anyone with a vibrant lifestyle and culinary delights. You will simply love those colorful masks and floats, reverberating music and dance performances. Look for the best package Goa for a simply astounding holiday.