• Discover Cairo with Its Golden Dust, Rare Palaces, and the Amazing Nile

    Cairo is the world famous as the greatest Islamic city in the world. Egyptians honor the city with two names – “Masr” means Egypt and Al-Qahira meaning The Triumphant. The ancient city is a modern metropolis today and one of the biggest cities in the Middle East. Compare Cairo travel quotes to plan an exciting holiday in this part of the world. The fascinating and welcoming city will leave you with some of the most incredible experiences. It’s exhilarating, vibrant and exotic culture will lure you to come back for more of its adventures.

    • You will find that Cairo is for everyone, and there is a place here for all kinds of travelers, whether one is one a budget or want to stay at one of those luxurious establishments. There is plenty to do and see here as you go through several tour packages Cairo. Enjoy the views of Nile from your hotel room balcony or explore the medieval markets here. The modern malls, cinemas, theaters will keep you busy. There are amazing landmarks and beautiful parks and gardens apart from the Nile and the Pyramids. Plan a great Cairo vacation here, especially in January, when the temperatures are much more pleasant.
    • The dramatic landmarks

    Pyramids of Giza and the great Mosque of Mohammed Ali are the major landmarks here. Between these dramatic monuments, one can discover a vast city of sand and ashes that speaks of diverse worlds. Look for the best package Cairo to cover the major attractions. Spread across an area of 453 sq km, it is difficult to separate the city from some of its suburbs. The different river islands play an important role in the life of the city that bustles with universities, and hotels, business establishments, and cultural institutions.

    • Tahrir Square is the center of downtown Cairo and a hub of tourist activity. There are a number of mosques here that are part of tourist attractions such as the Egyptian Museum, modern Umar Makram Mosque and Arab League headquarters. Garden City, is one of the newer residential areas of Cairo. You can also visit river island of Zamalek that is made of upscale residential and commercial neighborhoods. Look for Cairo cheapest family tour to include those attractions. Some of the major museums to explore in Cairo are the Ethnological Museum in Shari Qasr el-Aini, Mukhtar Museum in the Tahrir Gardens and the Egyptian Museum that boasts of the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts.
    • Commercial center of Egypt

    Local industries in Cairo manufacture and produce food products, cotton, motor vehicles, chemical fertilizers, aircraft, etc. Thronged by travelers from all across the world, tourism plays an important role in its economy. Road and Waterway connect the city to the Mediterranean ports of Alexandria.
    Plan a great vacation in Cairo this year, and you will have a lot to discover here. Enjoy shopping in the commercial and shopping districts, and you can bargain freely. Spend time at the spacious Midan el-Tahrir and watch the hustle and bustle of the city. The victorious city has served as the capital of numerous Egyptian civilizations.