• Great Reasons to go to Johor Behru

    Johor Behru is all set to become a major tourist destination in Malaysia. The second-largest city is the capital city of Johor that lies in southern Malaysia and also houses the royal village, Pasir Pelangi. It is also popularly known as “JB” and is the main administrative center and a busy commercial hub. Like other parts of Malaysia, the climate here is hot and humid, but it can also be typically dry with occasional showers. Look for affordable Johor Behru travel quotes to plan a great vacation. The vast landscape here is dotted with tranquil and quaint fishing villages. The city is rich with many natural splendors. You are going to love those golden beaches and beautiful islands, surrounded by clear waters.

    Wong Ah Fook – the busiest street
    You must make a visit to the busiest street in Johor Bahru that was founded in 1855. The street is about 1-1.5 Km long, and one can find a lot to do and see on the street during Johor Behru vacation. For example, there are amazing food stalls with delicious food. There are exciting shopping malls as well famous attractions like Kin Wah kopitiam, IT Roo, Annalakshmi, Hiap Joo, Yow Yong, Ya Wang , etc.

    Abu Bakar Museum
    You will see plenty of sultan’s treasures in the museum that has a great mixture of artifacts as well as popular musical instruments. Do include the trip to the museum in Johor Behru best package. Have a look at Adufe, the popular instrument used for music in the northeast part of Portugal. You will see some of the most remarkable and interesting collections here.

    Istana Besar
    Look for exciting tour packages Johor Behru that include Istana Besar in your trip. You are sure to appreciate this museum that houses a great collection of royal heirloom as well as impressive rare artefacts. This is a good place to see the record of the history of the States’s Royal Family. The Istana was built in 1866 and the Anglo-Malay architecture makes it very distinctive.

    Why shop in Johor
    If you are in Johor and haven’t shopped, then you are certainly making a big mistake here. There are some amazing shopping malls that one must visit, such as Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru, Aeon Tebrau City, City Square Plaza Pelangi. These malls offer the latest brands at affordable prices. For those crave for designer brands, Johor Premium Outlet is simple a haven, and one can shop for their favorite brands like Fossil, Nike, Coach, and a lot of many more at much lower price.

    Nature lovers will Johor Behru simply irresistible. Do make a visit to the Endau-Rompin National Park that makes it an unforgettable experience and also boasts of some of the leading golf courses in the country. This is a land of diverse and distinct cultures that you will love to explore. The cultural expressions and culinary tastes speak of the influences of Malays, Chinese and Indians. One can see the blend of cultures in ceremonies, celebrations, customs, beliefs, dances, games, etc.