• Learn about this enchanting land and plan a holiday in Morocco. Follow great Morocco travel tips and get ready for a memorable Morocco holiday.

    If you are an avid tourist, and have still not been to Morocco, then you are certainly missing out on a great experience. This is a land that has frozen in time and a Morocco holiday is an experience of a life time. Gear up for a holiday in Morocco.

    The gateway to North Africa

    The Islamic architecture with its masterpieces, vast dunes and olive groves, Morocco is like a medieval mirage. This gateway to North Africa with its open markets and ancient cities will simply take you in another world. There are old city squares, the medinas, acrobats. Snake charmers and open markets bustling with bargaining banter. The dunes spread across the Saharan sands that are filled with miles and miles of emptiness, will embrace your soul with a sublime tranquility. Go through Morocco travel tips before you start.

    What to explore in Morocco tour

    The snow-capped mountains in Morocco and the sprawling desert will make you wonder about the mystique land. Wade off into the peaceful waters off Essaouira or ride a camel across the vast oasis, you will simply never get tired of the topographic wonderland. This is a great way to start your Morocco vacation. Casa is the most industrious city of the country and the incredible Hassan II Mosque dominates its skyline. The 650-foot minaret of the mosque is the tallest religious structure of the world. Make a visit to the imperial city of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, where you will find a mix of the modern city life mixed with the glorious days of the 12th century. Travelers pay homage to the prehistoric cave dwellings and swim in the warm springs.

    Marrakesh’s medina boasts of an authentic Moroccan splendor, where you will come across the secret palaces of sultans and wealthy mansions of prosperous merchants. The open-air food stalls fill the air with mouth-watering aromas. For those looking for outdoor adventures, there are exotic escapades in many guises. One can explore those Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains or go hiking amid the rocky landscape. Climb those Merzouga dunes that stand in isolation, or windsurf at the beaches of Sidifni.

    Tangier is another of the legendary city of Morocco, and the city’s charm will simply leave you dazed. There is an air of adventure around Tangier that holds mystery and excitement for the tourists. In order to experience the exciting land to the fullest, get in touch with a trusted travel agent, who can design your itinerary so that you cover those imperial cities with patient strides. This is the best way actually discover this land of setting sun completely. There is much more to Morocco, and you will come back with unbelievable sights and authentic sensations. Morocco tourism is certainly on the rise.