• Explore The Tradition and History of The Intriguing City-CORDOBA

    Discover Cordoba at your leisure with sightseeing tour and walking tours which allow you to captivate the history and traditions of this intriguing city. Explore the great things to do and see in this captivating city, as it has much to offer in terms of art, culture and leisure. Throughout the year, myriad of events are organized, like festivals, concerts and ballets, complimented by a number of museums and vibrant night life, will keep you amazed in this city.

    • Unity in Diversity

    The architecture of the Mosque Cathedral is absolutely breathtaking, representing a striking monument of Moorish architecture. The huge building occupies the whole area near the coast of Guadalquivir. The current cathedral building and the remains of the mosque, does’nt match, but this is the uniqueness of the building, and proves that without diversity, there would be so much less beauty in the world.

    • Stunning and Relaxing

    The best place for relaxation from the heat of the sun, a place full of peace and refreshing are the beautifully designed Gardens of the Alcazar, in Christian and Arabian style. These beautiful gardens are absolutely stunning, with incorporating several long ponds, fountains, hedges and flowers. From the towers you can have a nice view of the city.

    • Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, fortress dated from Moorish time is known for its very fine Roman mosaics, number of sculptures, and within the walls there are ornamental pools, fountains and exotic gardens, along with stone ramparts and walkways. In front of the building is a square called the Camposanto de los Martires, the place of execution of Christian Martyrs.
    • Exotic Patios

    The Palacio de los Marqueses de Viana in Cordoba is a princely residence which has fourteen beautiful patios, but these days it hosts a collection of fine furniture, leather work and also an exhibition on falconry. The garden inside encloses splashing fountains, cool pebbled floors, pots and elegant arcades. The most breathtaking view is the scenic beauty of the different settings of the different kinds of trees like rubber tree, bougainvillea, orange, sweet jasmine, lemon trees, agaves, arum lilies and many more.

    • Cozy Squares

    The old Jewish quarter of Cordoba, Juderia is well known for its narrow lanes, white washed houses and patios decorated with flowers, with its cozy little squares, having its own distinctive atmosphere. The Zoco or the market is a great place for shopping or just hang around and feel the ambiance. The narrow streets of Juderia are much more charming than the other.

    • Knowledge of Past

    Archeological Museum of Cordoba has a complete collection, spanning from pre history to the medieval ages. The museum covers two floors and patios, housing Iberian objects, including sculptures of lions, Roman remnants and Early Christian antiquities, also a large collection of Moorish art, a bronze stag and finds from Medina Azahara.

    • Diverse Culture

    At the south far end from the city centre is the Tower of La Calahorra rising up at the south of the Roman Bridge, visitors are allowed to go on the roof top, from where they can have a spectacular view of the mosque and the city. It currently houses a modern museum on the history of the city; this fascinating museum is educational with audio visual presentations, depicting how life was in the city when three cultures, Christianity, Muslims and Judaism lived side by side.

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