• Hokkaido with Abundance of Natural Beauty, Volcanoes,and Lakes

    Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan and is separated from Honshu by the Tsugaru Strait. Sapporo, the largest city on Hokkaido, is also its capital. Look for the cheapest family tour Hokkaido and plan a great vacation for this amazing part of Japan for an unforgettable holiday. This is your opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of nature to your heart’s content and explore those countless volcanoes and lakes, as well as ever-changing Shakotan Coast. In winters, Hokkaido gets loads of snow.
    Hokkaidois filled with many great national parks and is much cooler than the rest of Japan. It is apopular tourist destination between May and August. Compare Hokkaido travel quotes and plan a great vacation.

    Niseko ski resort
    When planning Hokkaido vacation, do not forget to include the famous ski resort in Japan, Niseko that gets tons of light powder snow during winters. The resort area offers skiing/snowboarding and is popular among foreign visitors for its plenty of vast, long ski runs and after-ski activities.Mount Yotei, the perfect volcanic conecan be seen from Niseko.

    The capital of Hokkaido is thefifth-largest city in Japan and is the island’s administrative center. It is based on NorthAmerican style rectangular street system. The city is famous for annual snow festival and its ramen and beer.

    This is Hokkaido’s third largest city and well famous for delicious, fresh seafood. It is best known for the spectacular views, and it carriesnotable influence from overseas. The Western style fort and Onuma Park are well famous for its main tourist attractions.

    The citylies on the eastern coast of Hokkaido and its prison museum, and the drift ice are the city’s main tourist attractions.

    Rusutsu Resort
    This is one of the best ski resorts in Hokkaido and covers three mountains.Located close to Lake Toya, Rusutsu Resort lies on the other side of Mount Yotei from Niseko. The large hotel complex consists of Rusutsu Tower, the Highland Lodge and several trailside log cabins. The buildings are connected with each other by a monorail. There are pool facilities, restaurants,and hot spring baths at the Rusutsu Resort apart from skiing.

    Lake Toya
    Shikotsu-Toya National Park boasts of the lake Toya along with active volcano, hot springs, etc. The area is known for fishing, hiking, and camping.The picturesque lake was chosen as a location for theG8 summit in 2008 by Japan.

    Akan National Park
    Placed in eastern Hokkaido, the area is well known for its beautiful lakes: Lake Mashu, LakeAkan, and Lake Kussharo. The waters are one cleanest in the world. The National Park is made of two separate parts, the smaller carries the hot spring resort of AkankohanOnsen and thelarger, eastern part contains Lake Kussharo, Lake Mashu and Iran.

    This is Hokkaido’s largest national park, and the unspoiled wilderness of the mountainous area attracts large number of tourists.This is heaven for the outdoor lovers and hikers. One is likely to come across deer and brown bears.

    Hokkaido attracts many outdoor lovers because of the unspoiled nature. The colder season are enjoyed by hikers, cyclists and campers from all over the world. Explore Hokkaido best package to enjoy both summers and winters. Enjoy Sapporo Snow Festival and Mombetsu Ice Floes Festival in winters and Furano Lavender Festivalin summers. There are hundreds of festivals taking place in Hokkaido at all item of the year. It is no surprise to see the island gaining popularity as a tourist destination throughout the year.