• Hong Kong- Place Where East Meets West

    Looking for a place to go for excursion, no need to be confused, as Hong Kong tourism is the best option. The word Hong Kong itself means Fragrant Harbour, so you can guess the beauty of this place, Pearl River Delta and South China Sea encircle the region of Hong Kong. It is the fusion of Chinese and British culture; it is known for its deep natural harbors and extensive skyline and is one of the most densely populated regions with millions of tourists visiting yearly.

    City of Lights

    ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is the famous nickname given to Hong Kong, with numerous city lights of towering buildings on both sides reflecting on the Victoria Harbour makes it look like heaven on earth. Hong kong is the only city having maximum number of skyscrapers in the world and most of them are jam packed on the North shore of Hong Kong, the dazzling lights at night is mesmerizing viewed from the Avenue of Star.

    Thrills and Spills

    If you have not visited the Disneyland, then you have missed your dream destination, as it is the most desired tourist attraction of Asians. You can have a glimpse of renowned cultural exports of America. It is divided into seven portions each has its own attractions to gear up the families with their small children. The illumination of colorful lights and the display of fireworks offer thrills and spills. You will be enchanted in everything you see after the sunset, as it is said, that Disney Paints the Night, this spectacular night time will leave you dumb struck.

    Ocean Park

    Hong Kong tourism will take you to the series of unique fun filled activities in the, Ocean Park which offers great fun and frolic. Packed with amazing rides, and special events, you can also come to know about the facts and information of wild life, Hong Kong family packages offer exclusive offers and discounts to double your fun.

    Touring in Air

    Ngong Ping Cable Car is another hair rising experience in Hong Kong, the journey takes around twenty minutes in which you can view the lush green peaks of Lantau as well as of glimmering South China. Apart from this breath taking view Buddha Temple of Hong Kong is also worth seeing.

    Want to go on a shopping spree in Hong Kong, then Hong Kong’s Temple Street Market is one of the famous markets, but in Mongkok several markets are close to each other and is the best place for bargain hunters. The ladies Market, the Gold Fish Market and many more is there to boost tourism in Hong Kong, the Happy Valley Race Course, and the food stalls serving delicious noodles, variety of rice dishes along with seafood and ice cold beer to satiate your palate. Hong Kong vacation packages are there to guide you of each and every nook and corner of Hong Kong, and make your tour memorable.