• Arunachal with Picturesque Hills and Valleys plus a Glorious Heritage

    Arunachal is mentioned in the literature of Kalika Purana and Mahabharata and is supposed to be the Prabhu Mountains of the Puranas. Those widely dispersed archaeological remains are a testimony to its rich cultural heritage. Look for the cheapest family tour Arunachal to plan a great vacation here, in a state, tucked to the north eastern tip of India. You will love the salubrious climate, the simple people and the glorious heritage of arts and crafts. Be a part of their colorful festivals and enjoy an Arunachal vacation to the full. Their ancient faith in the inevitable power of nature will never cease to amaze you.

    Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains
    Arunachal Pradesh is well known as ‘Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains’ as it is the first Indian state to greet the rising sun. It is placed on the northeastern tip of India and shares borders with Burma, China and Bhutan. There is a dazzling array of flora and fauna where one finds more than 500 rare species of Orchids. The gurgling waterfalls, green hills and sparkling rivers add charm to the beauty of this unbelievable land. Compare Arunachal travel quotes to land the best vacation. There is a lot to do and explore here. For those looking for worship and pilgrimage, can visit the 400 years old Tawang Monastery or Parasuramkund. There are plenty of archaeological excavation sites such as Itanagar and Malinithan.

    Scenic beauty of Arunachal
    Look for Arunachal best package and enjoy a memorable time with your loved one sand friends. There are numerous variations of scenic beauty. One simply can’t have enough of the serene beauty of lakes such as Sela lake and Ganga lake. Enjoy gazing at the snowclad silver mountain peaks. Moreover, there is plenty to do here for the adventure seekers such as boating, rafting, angling, trekking and hiking. Visits the different sanctuaries and national parks where you can have a look at rare fauna and flora. Find beautiful expressions of nature in this amazing state and take delight in their songs, dances and crafts.

    Arunachal Pradesh Tourism
    The state has a lot to offer its tourist’s and travelers, and easily caters to all tastes and choices. There are ancient temples, lush green mountains and many historical edifices. Moreover, there are a large number of museums, monasteries, historical edifices, national parks and pilgrimage sites in Arunachal Pradesh. Adventure tourism offers some adrenaline-pumping activities such as climbing, trekking, hiking, and camping. The roaring rivers are perfect for angling and rafting. Compare different tour packages Arunachal and get complete information about the different tours and treks.

    Arunachal Pradesh looked upon as nature’s treasure trove. Enjoy the exquisitely beautiful blooms of orchids in more than six hundred species that bloom at varying elevations and according to the climatic conditions throughout the state. The climate can change from hot and humid to heavy rainfall and gets progressively cold to higher altitudes. The state enjoys salubrious climate all through the year and the right time to visit the state is between the months of July and September.