• If you want to take a look at the archetypal Japan and want to explore the country’s diversity, then plan Kansai vacation, This is the showcase of the country’s diversity and the undisputed seat of Japanese culture for nearly a millennium. As the birthplace of traditional theater styles in Japan such as Kabuki, Noh and Bunraku, it is time to look and compare Kansai travel quotes to land a great vacation.Kansai, also known as the Kinki regionin the southern-central region ofHonshu,Japan’s main island. Every year, it attracts millions of tourists who love to explore the prefectures of Mie, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyōgo, Nara, Wakayama in the region.

    There is plenty to do and see here in Kansai; that is home to hundreds of temples and shrines.Enjoy a morning at the market, browsing the local crafts and wander through traditional shops for the fans, pottery and porcelain. Spring and fall are the best times to visit the Kansai when you can see those beautiful cherry blossoms and the bright autumn leaves. Look for the best tour packagesKansai to enjoy the prime tourist spots here.

    Japan’s finest beaches in Kansai
    Look for the cheapest family tourKansaito explore some of the finest beaches in the world.KataonamiBeach is very popular among the hot summer months. Another beach that is worth mentioning is Shirahama Beach in Shirahama City that is immensely popular for beach lovers.

    Lake Biwa
    The Lake Biwa is the largest lake and covers almost 165,000 acres. Also known asBiwa-ko, the lake is situated in the largest lakein Japan. It is believed to be theresult of the massive earthquake that followed the creation of Mount Fuji and some parts of the lake are believed to be more than four million years old. It is one of the most sought after in the world for fishing. Plan a great vacation in Kansai this year with your loved ones.

    Theme parks
    There is no shortage of parks in Kansai. There are never-ending slides tosuit both adults and children. Browse through a large assortment of outdoor pools and modern parks that boast of a large number of activities for all. Some good options are The Boon Water Wonderland, impressive Hirakata Park andMisaki Park Pool Land Rio that has a large water jungle plus a number of pools for children. This is aparadise for all during the summer.The Jumbo Pool at Hamadera Park has different pools, giant slides and offers swimming lessons for the children during summer.

    Shopping in Kansai
    You will never get tired of shopping in Kansai. There are old wooden shops where you can have a look at different crafts and get ink sticks for calligraphy and ink painting. Look for the fine handwoven, sun-bleached linen known as Nara sarashiand akahadayaki pottery.Kobe beef, which is highly marbleized is world famous and the sake breweries of Nada and
    Yamada Nishiki rice are immensely popular among the tourists. This year, plan a great Kansai vacation with your loved ones.