• Kerala – God’s Own Country with Beautiful Locations

    “God’s Own Country” is the title bestowed on the backwaters of Kerala. Do not miss the chance to explore this amazing land and look for the cheapest family tour Kerala to enjoy a great vacation like never before. Come face to face with those picture-postcard towns and drift into a timeless land on a houseboat. Compare Kerala travel quotes to plan a great vacation here with your loved ones. The right way to explore is to go via the villages with a guide who will take you on a boat or kettuvellum. Those tours can last from 2 to 6 hours and offer you an amazing experience as you wander from village to village.

    The Backwaters
    Meander through a network of lakes, rivers and canals on a lazy boat eavesdropping on the strains of an oarsman’s song. You will come across some important attractions in those backwaters with 29 major lakes out of which seven drains into the sea. The
    A network of backwaters stretches over a total expanse of 1500 km and is made of 44 rivers, lagoons and lakes. Take exciting tour packages Kerala and see the villagers busy with coir making, fish farming and boat building. Take tours that run through Kochi, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram and explore the major towns Varkala, Allapuzha and Quilon on the backwaters.

    Quilon carries Dutch and English influences and is lodged among cashew estates and red-topped wooden houses. Pass through the cashew factories and watch out for those birds species such as kingfishers, kites, egrets and bee-eaters. Learn about the main occupations here such as copra drying, Prawn farming, matchstick making, etc. Enjoy your Kerala vacation to the full.
    Other attractions in Kerala best package are the Guesthouse at Ashtamudi where you will come across large Chinese pickle jars, old willow pattern plates as well as ancient lithographs of British times that take you back in the times of the past. Enjoy delicious food at Matha Restaurant close to the jetty. Stay at KTDC Yatri Niwas and Palm Lagoon with are a great riverside hotel and idyllic resorts. Take advantage of Ayurvedic massages and look for more of those exciting backwater tours.

    Let your hair down in the Allapuzha area. If you come here at the right time, you can be part of the Nehru Cup snakeboat race and enjoy watching those Low slung decorated chundan vellams or snake boats that seat up to 100 people. Or, you can take lazy cruises and look down at those cool green waters reflecting the tall palm trees. Enjoy the cheapest family tour Kerala for a memorable time and vacation.

    The other major places are Kottayam and Aranmula. There are Syrian Christian churches dating back to antiquity and Kumarakom bird preserve where you will come across Waterfowl and other species. At Aranmula, you can enroll at the Vijnana kala Vedi center and learn dance, Kalaraipayattu martial arts, woodcarving as well as traditional medicine. Find the best accommodations and look for daily cruises from the Tourist Development daily cruises from Tourist Development Corporation on alternate days.