• Lamu Islands for a Blissful Beach Escape and Astounding Opportunities

    Lamu lies towards the north-east coast of Kenya are these islands are part of Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago. Although most of the coastline of Kenya has bene hit by tourism, Lamu Islands still remain untouched and unspoiled. Lamu Town is one of the oldest living towns in Kenya. Explore tour packages Lamu Island to enjoy the Swahili town with narrow bustling streets and historic Arabic-style buildings. You will not find any roads or cars on the island, there are just footpaths and alleyways. Residents move by foot or boat, and animals like donkeys are used to transport other goods and materials. Look for the cheapest family tour Lamu Island to enjoy these beautiful islands with glorious beaches.

    Lamu Island vacation is for those who want to spend some quieter moments in the peaceful nature. There are plenty of beach resorts where one can stay, and some good options are Shela Houses, Kijani House, Manda Bay, Diamond Beach Village, The Majlis, etc. stay at any of those resorts and escape to the Cobalt waters lapping and rolling against the white sands. Make the best use of the snorkeling opportunities and explore the colorful corals that are found in plenty here. Shela beach on the North side is especially popular among the tourists. Compare Lamu Island travel quotes to land the best package.

    • Lamu Museum

    The Lamu Museum was the earlier residence of the British Governors and was built in 1891. Visit the museum to learn about the rich Swahili culture of the Lamu Town. Include the museum in Lamu Island best package.

    • Dhow trips

    Another good way to explore Lamu archipelago is by dhow, which is a traditional Arab sailing vessel carrying one or more lateen sails. You can see a Dhow primarily on the coasts of India, Arabian Peninsula, and East Africa. These trips are not only inexpensive but also offer the ultimate experience. One can go as far as Matondoni, Takwa Ruins, and Manda Island.

    • Shela

    Thi is a village that lies close to the Lamu town and is a major center for tourism on the island. You will come across some of the most spectacular beaches. The village is a lot less crowded and busy as compared to Lamu.

    • Kiwayu Islands

    Kiwayu is well famous among the most pristine of the islands. It is a biosphere reserve and eco tourism works closely with the local communities, and patronize the local captains who these islands and areas well. One will come across several companies that specialize in trips to Kiwayu Islands.

    • The seafront restaurants

    Lamu Town is well known for its excellent seafood and at reasonable prices. The Seafront Café is a popular choice among the tourists, and one can taste the delicious garlic crab or crab soup. Those interested in the traditional Swahili fare won’t be disappointed.

    In order to improve your tourist experience in Lamu, it is advised to take tour guides that are licensed and have a well-organized association that work together cooperatively. They carry an excellent knowledge of the ocean and the island and offer professional services. Plan a vacation in Lima islands made of pure white sand and very clean in appearance.