• Les Plus Beaux Villages De France Full of Wonderful FindsandCharms

    Les Plus Beaux Villages de Franceis an independent association that came into existence in 1982. The aim was to promote smallpicturesquevillages in France carrying quality heritage. Till date, more than 150 villages in France have been listed under Plus Beaux Villages de France. Look for Les Plus Beaux Villages de France travel quotes and plan an exciting trip to any of those wonderful visages. These villages are small and carry a site of scientific, artistic or historic interest.
    You are sure to get impressed by the grand medieval character of these visages with ramparts, watch towers, château, and abbeys,, little winding back streets, bridges paved with decorative pebbles, ancient houses built of the local stone, depending on the different regions.

    Midi-Pyrénéesboasts of dozens of unspoiled villages with preserved heritage that are listedunder Tour packages Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. The visitors can get anincredible feeling as to what it was like in the Middle Ages. They are taken back into history with architecture and stories of all kinds. When planning Les Plus Beaux Villages de France vacation, explore those villages de France’ in Midi-Pyrénées. There are plenty of options to pick from such as Montréal du Gers and Sarrant in Gers, Lauzerte, and Auvillar in Tarn et Garonne, Carennac, Autoire and Loubressac in Lot and many more.

    Alsaceis the smallest in metropolitan France and located on the west bank of the upper Rhine
    on France’s eastern border.Heavily influenced by historical decisions and wars, Alsace is famous for its picturesque villages, castles, and churches. There are famous vineyards and tourists will love picturesque lakes surrounded by thick and green forests.Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhinmake for important stops during Les Plus Beaux Villages de France cheapest family tour.

    Burgundyis the historical region of east-central France and along with being famous as amain wine producing areas in France, it is also famous for its picturesque villages. Explore areas like Côtesd’Armor, Moncontour, Île-de-Sein, Saint-Suliac, Rochefort-en-Terre and include those attractions during the best package Les Plus Beaux Villages de France.

    Bargèmeperches on the high rocky ridge and lies along the ancient ruins of a medieval fortress. This is the highest village and remains isolated from the main roads. The views from the hilltop village are reallyincredible and outstanding views.

    This is a very pretty and well-restoredvillage with a nicely restored chateau. It has a number of ancientstreets and the beautiful half-round bell tower that dates back from the 16th century.The impressive chateau is stark from the outside, and one gets more interestingsights in the chateau grounds. The stone-walled terraces and the gardens boast of a lot of flowers in the village.

    Les-Baux-de-Provence is a very picturesque village and boasts of royal history as well as natural history. The northern slopesof the Alpillesare thickly forested while the southern part of are made of exposed rock. You will pass through olive groves and vineyards and can stop on the way to taste the local wines. Those incredible rock formations are major tourist attractions. Other attractions are the terrace cafés, narrow cobblestone streets, souvenir shops and tourists,etc. in the medieval village that remains time-warped to the 20th century.