• Malindi with Coastal Tourist Attractions like Surfing and Snorkeling

    Malindi is a small town on Malindi Bay and lies on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It was once known as Melinde and today, it offers a very nice introduction to the coastal tourist attractions. Those beautiful beaches with white sands and blue waters lure hundreds and thousands of tourists who simply love beaches. Look at different travel quotes Malindi to plan a great vacation here with your loved ones. Served with a domestic airport, Malindi is well connected with a highway between Lamu and Mombasa. Explore different Malindi tour packages with the leading tour operators so as to get the best holiday experience.

    • Italianate imprint on Malindi

    There is no denying that Malindi bears the influence of Italians, after all, Italians have travelled to Malindi in search of the African sun for many generations now. They have set up their businesses here and set up hotels. The language, the food, the hotels and even the casinos carry a mark of Italy. Thus, Malindi has its ‘Little Italy in Africa’ history and has been a favorite playground of businessmen and politicians as well as celebrities.

    • Gedi – National Museum of Kenya

    The new complex of the National Museum of Kenya preserves some valuable and unique exhibits. Include the trip in the cheapest family tour Malindi. The furniture and other items indicate that the Gedi inhabitants must have been highly civilized people. However, there are no written documents found.

    • Vasco de Gama pillar

    Take a walk along the main bay in Malindi and stroll along the beach to see the famous Vasco de Gama pillar. The pillar with its white paint looks striking and stands on to the beach to the south.

    • Malindi Marine National Park

    If you are looking for the best place for diving and snorkeling, then this is certainly the best place. The marine Park and Reserve boasts of magnificent resources such as coral gardens, fringing reefs, sea grass beds, mangroves, high fish diversity, Turtles and Shorebirds and marine mammals such as dolphins. It is the beautiful beach and warm waters along with fringing and patch reefs distributed on the seaward edge that lure the water lovers. Look for the best package Malindi that covers all these attractions here.

    • Juma’a Mosque

    The courtyard of the Mosque carries the remaining of the old mosque and you can see the scattered graves, old stones and parts of walls. One can see some fine examples of stone carvings and it is an interesting walk to go through the ruins. Many people in Malindi are Muslim and the Mosque lies in the heart of the old town.

    • Portuguese chapel

    This is one of the earliest buildings in town and the simple white-washed cubic building carries a small cemetery that dates back to the 16th century. This stretch of “Portuguese” coastline offers a fascinating portrait of the history.

    • Walk on the coral reef

    This is a great chance to see and admire the fishes trapped in holes and left behind by the tide and walk on the coral reef. You will come across corals of every shape and size and marine species such as colorful little fishes, poisonous sea-urchins, water snakes, starfishes, colorful little fishes, etc.