• Walk Deep Down The Memory Lane In The Meso-American Ruins

    Mexico is one of the archaeological masterpieces of the world that has been well-restored. A Mexico vacation would be incomplete if you do not get to see those marvelous ancient ruins that are all over the country. The Meso-American ruins offer you a glimpse of what life was like thousands of years ago. Whether it is the elaborate ancient city modern Mexico City or the towering Mayan pyramids in the Yucatan peninsula, those ancient ruins will make you take a walk deep into the country’s past. Compare different Mexico travel quotes to get the best tour package.

    • Mesoamerica

    Mesoamerica is a rich cultural area that has been defined by its indigenous cultures. The life in the sedentary agricultural villages was gradually influenced by the subsequent Formative period that was made of mythological and religious traditions. The villages gradually became more stratified. Read on to learn more about the best ancient ruins in Mexico that cover Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, northern Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc. The area is among the six areas in the world where one sees the rise of the ancient civilization independently.

    • Tulum

    Tulum is one of the last cities built by the Mayan people, and as it is set overlooking the ocean, one can get the most picturesque views from here. This is one of the smaller Mayan ruins but was a major commercial port. The ruins are enclosed by rock walls on three sides, and the main point of interest is the El Castillo, the castle that was once a lighthouse. One can enjoy swimming and snorkeling at one of the nearby centers.

    • Campeche

    When in Campeche, you can visit multiple Mayan ruins in one trip as there are a number of archeological sites in proximity. The architectural style of the entire area is known as Rio Bec. The monster faces, tall towers and false stairways are characterized by ornate carvings and intricate details. Look for the cheapest family tour Mexico to include these trips.

    • Oaxaca

    The Oaxaca valley was the center of Mesoamerican cultures, and the Monte Alban site is an elaborate one with clever architectural style. There are buildings with underground passageways and a methodical system of drainage and water storage systems. Today the ruins are spread across a wide-open space surrounded by palaces and pyramids.

    • Yucatan

    One of the popular of the Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula and the most visited by the tourists. What draws them is its unique history and striking architecture. One can look for the best package Mexico and plan their own t and rent a car to explore these ruins. You can climb the 365 steep stairs to reach the top of the El Castillo pyramid or admire it from the ground. There are several groupings of columns, temples, a large ball court and a lot more to see here.

    Other well-known Meso-American ruins include Malinalco, Monte Albán, Calakmul and Edzná, Teotihuacan, Xochicalco, etc. As you will learn, the southern and central parts of Mexico have been host to a number of pre-Hispanic civilizations. The most major of these are the Mayan, Aztec and the Olmec, where these ruins can be viewed.