• Metz – The Cradle of Urban Ecology and Land Of Oldest Churches

    The city of Metz is located at the heart of Europe and is the focal point of major routes connecting Mediterranean, northern Europe and the Atlantic in Eastern Europe. Get ready to travel across vast lands of green spaces and discover the special heritage during Metz vacation. You are sure to get impressed by its natural, cultural and architectural diversity that speak of an original heritage. Look for different tour packages Metz and plan a great vacation to this part of France. The city carries an excellent reputation because of its schools and its crafts. The Buildings reflect the artistic influence. As the city was integrated into the Holy Roman Empire, it is referred to as the religious city in Europe.

    Not the typical French town
    Located near the junction of France, Luxembourg and Germany, it is the capital and the prefecture of the Lorraine region and the Moselle department. Hundreds of tourists look for Metz cheapest family tour to explore the region and plan a great vacation. This is a unique town in France because of its great historical background, military tradition, and German heritage. The beautiful old town has inhabitants from many different periods such as Roman vestiges, German-style neighborhoods and boasts of classicism buildings. The summers are humid, and winters are cold and snowy.

    What to see in Metz
    The city is well famous for its buildings, churches and cathedrals. Visit the regular market at Place d’Armes and the tourist office on one side of the building. The historical bishops’ palace was located in the Covered Market that sells meats, cheeses, and other regional specialties. The Opera-Théâtre built between 1732 and 1752 is the oldest in France. Metz is famous as a garden-city and transverse by the Seille river and the Moselle river. The city boasts of more than 470 hectares of gardens and is noted amongst the greener cities in France. The Esplanade with a big fountain in the town center is a popular haunt among the young people. Visit the Botanic Garden with more than 4,500 plants. Cathedrale St-Etienne is truly impressive with stained glass windows. Saint-Pierre aux Nonnains church, the oldest church of France is located here. Enjoy the Saint-Nicolas parade held during the winters. Christmas market is immensely popular among the tourists. Compare Metz travel quotes and land the best package to enjoy the above attraction.

    What to do in Metz
    The city is well famous for its nice weather, and one can ride along the river in the direction of Nancy on one of those well-marked and well-maintained paths. You can rent a bike easily at the train station or near the cathedral at an affordable price of €10 per day. Christmas markets are the best spots to get good wine. There are professional teams here if you are interested in sports games. Drive to Amneville if interested in hockey games. Musée de la Cour d’or displays Musée de la Cour d’or. Euro is the currency here. Look for Metz cheapest family tour to plan a great vacation.