• Mizoram – The Land of Blue Mountains, Picturesque Beauty, and Exotic Locations

    Mizoram, a state in the northeast of India is well famous for its dramatic landscapes, beautiful locations, and pleasant climate. The state is visited by hundreds and thousands of local and international tourists every year. Foreign tourists need to get an ‘inner line permit’ for a special permit before visiting Mizoram. Compare different Mizoram travel quotes to land the best package and make the most of your holiday.

    This is the land of the Blue Mountains, and those evergreen ranges of Mizoram hills with dense bamboo jungles and blooms of exotic flora will beckon you every year. Dotted by sparkling waterfalls and gushing rivers, the breathtaking views all around you will leave you awestruck. The quilt of lush paddy fields stands in sharp contrast to the dense jungles and steep hills. The climate remains moderate and pleasant throughout the year, and the great natural beauty is flourishing with a rich variety of flora and fauna.

    There is a lot to do and see during Mizoram vacation.

    • Tualchang

    This is the largest biggest monolith in Mizoram and situated in the Aizwal district. The line of stone blocks lies near the Tualchang village.

    • Sibuta Lung

    This is one of the most popular sites in Mizoram and must explore during your cheapest family tour Mizoram. The memorial stone that was laid about 300 years by the Palian chief and Sibuta Lung memorial is a story of love and revenge.

    • Phawngui

    Phawngui is well famous as the Blue Mountain and looked upon as the abode of Gods. This is the highest peak of Mizoram and situated in the Chhimtuipui district. It is well famous for rhododendron and orchids, and tourists love those flowers of all colors

    and spectacular trees. Get a fairytale view of the vales unfolding below and the blue hazed hills.
    Tomb of Vanhimailian

    The tomb was built in the memory of Vanhimailan Sailor, who was a great chief and a ruler of Champhai. Champhai is located in the Aizawl District and is about 194 km from Aizawl and overlooks the vast Champhai plain.

    • Mangkahia Lung

    The large memorial stone that was founded in the memory of Mangkhaia and is also called Mangkhaia’s stone. The 5 m high Mangkahia Lung is carries heads of mithun engraved on it. Include those attractions in your best package Mizoram.

    There are more tourist attractions such as Tadmil, Vantawng Falls, Dampa Sanctuary, Lungvandawt and a lot more during Mizoram vacation. Mizoram is a treat for any tourist and has plenty to offer for nature lovers as they travel through the thick forests and vibrant villages. Look for the best Mizoram tour packages and take advantages of your vacation in one of the fast emerging adventure tourism destination in Northeast India. Mizoram has much to offer as a destination. English is spoken commonly, and the people here are very friendly and hospitable. Just enjoy being in the lovely, nature with fresh and cool weather, and soak in the peace and tranquility as you unwind for a while in Mizoram.