• Monterrey – The magnificent Peninsula

    Explore Monterrey, the largest city of the northeastern state in Mexico and learn what makes this a perfect destination for a holiday with your family. The city also serves as a commercial center and is the base of many significant international corporations. Monterrey happens to be the second wealthiest city in Mexico as well as rich in history and culture. The city is regarded as the most “Americanized” city. Plan a Monterrey vacation this year and discover the amazing holiday you can enjoy here. It is called the magnificent Peninsula because of the greatest meeting of land, sea, and sky. The natural beauty of the area lures hundreds of visitors every year, who find endless activities such as golf, biking, sailing, etc.

    Monterey’s rich history and the beautiful seaside community with a unique variety of shops and galleries offer a truly unrivaled experience. Compare Monterrey travel quotes to get the best package Monterrey to enjoy the peninsula like never before. Enjoy the most traditional dish here which is cabrito, a dish made of kid goat that is based on Jewish cuisine. Another famous dish is machacado con huevo. Look for these delicacies in tour packages Monterrey.

    Barrio Antiguo
    There are bars, cafes; art galleries and restaurants found in this area. Enjoy Festival Cultural Barrio Antiguo with national and international artists. Do include the festival in Monterrey cheapest family tour for a memorable experience.

    Natural beauty
    There are plenty of waterfalls surrounding the forested mountain terrain around the city. Plus, you will come across many canyons, trails and roads across the deserts and forests. There are many trails are available to the general public for trekking and hiking. The Sierra Madre Oriental mountains have been added to the UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program. Parque Ecológico Chipinque consists of forested areas, and there is La Huasteca in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

    Santa Lucía Riverwalk joins the Macroplaza with the and the artificial river was built between 1996 and 2007.

    Trademarks of the city
    On Monterrey cheapest family tour, you will come across remarkable monuments, green areas, and buildings. Macroplaza is one such center that is the cultural and administrative center, and Faro del Comercio is another popular landmark that beams a green laser around the city at night. The Museum of Modern Art has been designed by Ricardo Legorreta and carries different settings for artists and visitors.

    Fundidora Park is a huge urban park that consists of old foundry buildings with artificial lakes, playgrounds and natural ambiance spread across 120 hectares of land. There are hotel, auditorium, and convention centers. Compare travel quotes Monterrey and have a look at authentic examples of art and heritage. Some other points of interest during your Monterreytour packages are Puente de la Unidad, a bridge that joins San Pedro Garza García with Monterrey. Visit the Alfa Planetarium that is the first IMAX dome in Latin America. Explore the pink marble of Neoclassical architecture in the Government Palace of Nuevo León. Get ready for an exciting vacation.