• Morelia – “Ciudad Rosa” -City of Distinctive Constructions

    Morelia lies in the Guayangareo Valley, and the city was renamed Morelia in honor of José María Morelos. Because of its preserved colonial buildings, the city was professed a UNESCO World Heritage. P’urhépecha and the Matlatzinca were the main pre-Hispanic cultures the thrived here but during that time, there were no major cities founded in the valley. Look for the popular tour packages Morelia and explore the magnificent buildings and churches. Because of the unique color and constructions in pink quarry stone, the gorgeous tourist destination has earned the nickname of “Ciudad Rosa”. Morelia’s attractions bring in tourists from all over the world. There are plenty of Morelia tour packages to pick from.

    Look for the top attractions during your cheapest family tour Morelia and make the best of your vacation.

    • The Aqueduct

    Bishop Fray Antonio de San Miguel ordered the construction of the aqueduct in 1785, and it was used to provide the city with water with the help of its fountains. The beautiful baroque style masonry structure is an icon in the city.

    • Public Library

    The Public Library was earlier the Temple of the Society of Jesus and the baroque style construction dates back to the 17th century. This is one of the most important attractions in Morelia and a must visit for all the book lovers.

    • The Cathedral

    This is another of the major attractions, and the colossal building is made of pink quarry stone. The triple facade with an altarpiece is almost 230-feet high, and you will find beautiful murals adorning the internal patios. You will find an amazing pipe organ that dates from the beginning of the century. There are other valuable paintings, and the Lord of the Sacristy is from the 16th century. Include all these attractions in Morelia best package.

    • Antique Collections Museum

    This is one of the most well-known Museums in the world that is based on impressive themes. The building dates back from the 17th century, and it was actually a 300 years old large house. It had been was abandoned for about 75 years before being used as a museum. The collectors can browse the shopping arcade for antiques and other objects like chests, pictures, books, tables, chairs, sacred art, etc.

    • Morelia’s Conventions Center

    Morelia’s Conventions Center is covered with green areas on all its sides. There is a comfortable theater a library, a planetarium, an exhibition area and event halls. This center is excellent for business tourism as it boasts of a library, a planetarium, an exhibition area and a comfortable theater.

    When on Morelia vacation, there are different trams and bus rides here that can take you to the different tourist attractions in the city. As a tourist, one can visit the Museo del Dulce where they can see the traditional techniques of making candy. Compare Morelia travel quotes to make the most of your vacation in Morelia. There are excellent views around that you can enjoy on those rides on the double-decker buses. Look forward to a truly memorable vacation here.