• Most Romantic Coastal Destinations
    Get aware about the leading coastal vacation resorts and how to plan top coastal vacations for a memorable holiday.

    There are hundreds of coastal destinations all across the world, but there are a few that stand out as the leading romantic coastal destinations. Every couple likes to head towards a magnificent beach to enjoy special moments with each other. Not every beach is meant for the romantic couple, so here we will speak about the five most romantic coastal destinations. These are some of the favorite coastal destinations that are simply perfect for getting your romance on.

    Five most romantic coastal destinations

    Mendocino, California
    That warm, sparkling sea across those white pristine beaches are simply hard to resist. We are talking about the dreamy Mendocino. The New Englanders built the neatly restored Victorian homes and inns. The secluded enclave has a permanent population not more than 900. Enjoy the cool gentle coastal mists as you explore the coastal destinations or stroll through the streets with your loved one.

    Charleston, South Carolina
    The romantic city of Charleston is just for lovers and couples,who will simply love being in the charming, quirky Southern city in South Carolina. There are gorgeous old mansions from the harbor and iconic landscapes. Visit those boutiques and fabulous restaurants or head out for some kayaking and surfing at the Folly Beach. This is going to be the most awesome coastal vacations.

    San Juan Island, Washington
    Get ready for some of the most stunning views of the islands. San Juan Island simply means fun all the way for a romantic couple. Stroll along the driftwood-strewn beaches and enjoy whale watching. Explore San Juan Vineyards and winery on the island. Get a romantic ocean view at one of those waterfront restaurants that are always a favorite of locals. Stay at one of the coastal vacation resorts.

    St. Simons Island, Georgia
    St. Simons Island was a favorite retreat among the Vanderbilts, Carnegies and Rockefellers. Go on one of those bike paths that circle the island or take a trolley tour to the lighthouse to enjoy the south end views of the island. There is plenty to do and see here. Browse extensive marshes of the island and relax on the East Beach for an excellent seafood dinner.

    Captiva Island, Florida
    The fine-sand beaches on the Captiva Island, are simply a dream to be at. You will just find those bright-white beaches awesome and can spend hours collecting shells. There are lovely shops and restaurants in the village to relax at. Visit the nearby Sanibel Island on a water taxi and do remember to get back in time to watch the glorious sunsets. Plan your romantic vacations in coastal destinations here at Captiva Island.