• Nairobi National Park To Explore Unique And Unspool Wildlife Haven

    Nairobi National Park is the national park of Kenya and was also the first. It is placed at about 7 km. from Nairobi, which is the capital city of Kenya. One can easily see the skyline of Nairobi from the park. The park may be small in comparison to other national parks in Africa, but is nothing less when you look at the experience you enjoy during Nairobi National Park vacation. There is a huge andvaried wildlife population in the park, and there is only afence that separates the city from the animals in the park.Nairobi National Park is one of the most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries in Kenya. Compare Nairobi National Park travel quotes to land the best package.

    What makes the park unique?
    Every year, millions of tourists go to Kenya for a safari. The best part is that one need not leave the capital, and Nairobi National Park is perhaps the only park in the world that can be visited by taxi or bus. There is a huge diversity of wildlife here that include buffaloes, hippos, zebras, lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, gazelles and more. Look for the cheapest family tourNairobi National Park and watch orphaned baby rhinos and elephants enjoying their daily mud baths.It also happens to be one of the most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries.Thousands of African children visit the park each weekon school field trips.

    Migrating animals
    Migrating wildebeest and zebra are seen to gather in the park during the dry season during the months of July and August. Herbivores use themigration corridorto reach the Athi-Kapiti plains and cross the Kitengela Conservation area. The spread over the vast plains during the wet season and come back in the dry season. Thus, the concentration of wildlife is the highest in the dry season.Small dams on the Mbagathi River make for water resources and offer water during the dry season. Wildlife Migrationsin the dry season reach up to the northern limit of the park that boasts of a high diversity of bird species. A man made habitat has been createdfor birds and aquatic species.

    Wildlife Conservation Education Centre
    TheWildlife Conservation Education Centre offers lectures and video shows about wildlife and guided tours to educate the visitors on theanimal orphanage. The idea is to educate local communities and schools. There is spacious housing for the animals. Take the Safari Walk to highlights the variety of plants and animals and how Kenya’s population gets affected. Look at different tour packages Nairobi National Park and make the most of your trip.
    Other attractions to explore during the best package Nairobi National Park are the diverse birdlife,ivory burning site monument, etc. Enjoy walking trails at hippo pools or one of those Nairobi safari walk & the orphanage.