• The Colorful National Arts Festival in South Africa

    Every year, South African community theatre makers organize a National Arts Festival that is made of workshops, theatre, shows and meetings and even a finale parade. Look for some great South Africa tour packages and do not miss all that vibrancy and colors of those amazing festivals. One can participate in workshops or share their skills in theatre-making and attend multiple shows. The National Arts Festival is a significant event on the cultural calendar of the country and one of the biggest annual celebration on the African continent. Hundreds and thousands of people get together and feel united as they stand on the common platform of art and culture. Organized by the Grahamstown Foundation, the festival operates out of the 1820 Settlers National Monument.

    Genre Arts Festival
    Genre Arts Festival is held every year and in Grahamstown, sometime in the month of June or July. Grahamstown is located in the Eastern Cape, and the festival is organized by the National Arts Festival Office. Its core sponsors are Standard Bank of South Africa, Eastern Cape Government, National Arts Council, National Lottery Distribution and City Press newspaper. There is a lot to explore here, and the festival becomes alive with plenty of opera, music, jazz, theatre, comedy, visual art, street theatre, lectures. Workshops, etc. There is even tours of the city as well as a children’s arts festival. One will find just about everyone here regardless of race, sex or color. Look for the cheapest family tour South Africa to enjoy the festival.
    It is exciting to be here during the festival time. You will find that every park and sports field become flea markets, and the halls or large rooms become a theatre. The temporary traffic wardens manage the heavy traffic on the normally quiet streets and every hotel in the city is booked. Thus, start planning early and look for South Africa best package to plan the vacation and enjoy the world famous festival. There are hundreds of shows to enjoy and pick from cabaret, drama, opera, and jazz as well as stand-up comics and folk music.

    Make your reservation well in advance and get info on guest houses, hotels and any other catering places. Do not miss the chance to be at one of the most diverse festivals in the world. There is something here for everyone such as craft fairs, cyber cafes, techno raves, mediaeval banquets and walking tours. Apart enjoying all that art and culture, shop to your hearts content. There is handmade jewelry, woven rugs, tie-dyed T-shirts and even customized telephones. Compare South Africa ravel quotes to land the best package and enjoy the wonderful festival of
    South Africa.

    This year, makes your South Africa vacation even more special and attend the great festival. Grahamstown is a 19th-century cathedral town that is still untouched by modern developments and is surrounded by distinctive vegetation. There is lot to explore here apart from the festival such as barracks, museums, churches and monuments.