• Nature Sight-Seeing In Singapore

    Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with a flourishing ecosystem of nature and wildlife nestled. There is a lot here for the nature lovers who can look forward to an undisturbed experience in the rainforests and wetlands. One can simply wander through the many parks on the island or those landscaped gardens that offer a scenic view of the city from different points. When planning a Singapore vacation, look for special tour packages Singapore that cover the wild side of the island. There are thousands of creatures in the nature reserves here for wildlife lovers, including many bird and insect species. And if you want more, you can make a trip to the Zoo, Night Safari or Jurong Bird Park.

    Now is the time to get an up-close encounter with some of the world’s most ferocious and rarest species during cheapest family tour Singapore. Singapore has a variety of parks and projects that focus on the natural tropical environment. There are Singapore Botanic Gardens, located just south of Symphony Lake, or the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari that allow people to explore Asian, South American and African habitats at night. There are no barriers between visitors and the wild animals.

    Singapore Botanic Gardens
    The Botanic Gardens cover 52 hectares and boasts of National Orchid collection with more than three thousand orchids growing.

    Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve
    The project is being promoted by the government that is a quiet and peaceful getaway from the stress of modern life. Compare Singapore travel quotes

    River Safari
    This is a modern attraction in Singapore that allows on to enjoy up-close encounters with river animals like Murray, Ganges, Mississippi, Congo, Amazon, Nile and the Yangtze River. Include this in the best package Singapore.

    The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
    This is an extensive nature reserve which spreads across much of the Bukit Timah Hill and is the only continuing place where main rainforest still exists on the island.

    The Jurong Bird Park
    Visit this exotic Bird Park that carries specimens of exotic bird life. This is your chance to see a flock of one thousand flamingos. This is the largest bird park in the world with 5,000 birds covering 400 stunning species. The Waterfall Aviary is the largest walk-in aviary with more than 600 free-flying birds and experience penguin feeding. There are other countless colorful, friendly birds.

    Pulau Ubin
    This is an island offshore Singapore that is fast becoming a popular tourist spot as the nature wildlife is left undisturbed. Compare Singapore travel quotes

    Night Safari
    This is the first park in the world to see wildlife in a nocturnal environment, and there are more than 2,500 animals and some of those include threatened species. Explore the Wallaby Trail to see the unique and exotic wildlife of the Australasian region.

    Singapore Zoo
    Include Singapore Zoo in tour packages Singapore and get a chance to see more than over 2,800 specimens and highlights are white tigers, elephants, giant pandas and orangutans. The horse carriage ride is getting increasingly popular, and there are features like features like a massive playground that is immensely popular among family with kids.