• Experience the Mighty Volga – The Queen Of Rivers

    When you hear the word Volga, you immediately get visions of the mighty river of Russia that flows through its heart. It is easy to imagine the wide, plangent waters, and the ivory gulls hovering across the wide waters. There are many exciting tour packages Volga to explore, and Europe’s largest river flows through the heart of Russian life. Russian people also refer to it as “Mother Volga”. Spanning for more than 2,200 miles, Volga has always played a key role in Russian history and its folklore. Today, one-third of Russia’s population lives in the Volga basin, and it remains the main transportation route. Compare Volga travels quotes to plan a great vacation.

    • The Volga Delta

    Volga rises from a small spring in the northwest of Moscow from the Valdai Hills and flows southeast. Nothing can match the wild beauty that one comes across its massive length. Anyone who loves wildlife must visit the Volga Delta. Countless birds, beavers, otters, herons take refuge in the marshland climate of the delta. Samara Bend National Park is well famous among the tourists for its stunning views of the Volga and woodland hikes. Look for the cheapest family tour Volga to explore its exciting offerings.

    • There are several smaller waterways and system of canals that link the Volga with the White, Baltic and Azov seas, as well as famous cities of Russia like St. Petersburg and Moscow.
    • Cruising across River Volga

    Volga meanders slowly from the north of Moscow and makes the way all down to Volgograd. Cruisers and steamships will take you across some of the most interesting sections between Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd. Visit the oldest Tatar cities in Russia that include Kazan and Kremlin. There are memorable sites on the way such as Lenin’s birthplace, Ulyanovsk and Volgograd, known for the WW II battle. There are several museums and monuments here that will teach you a part of the history that lived here. Look for Volga best package to cover the major attractions on its route.

    • Plan a great Volga vacation during summers and enjoy those lush green banks and the serene tranquility that is to be found only on its banks at sunrise. Take a dip in the mighty river that has captivated Russian artists for centuries or simply sunbathe the sandy beaches at Samara. Go for Russian river cruise ships during those summer months, and the journeys can last anywhere from ten hours to three days. Get introduced to the Russian culture the best way via Volga that will give you a chance to relax as well as let you experience the natural beauty.
    • Several small and large cities have depended on Volga for their existence and some4 good examples are Kazan, Astrakhan, Nizhny Novgorod, etc. These cities are rich in interesting sights as museums, fortresses, churches and markets.

    The best time, to cruise on Volga, is between May and September. Do not miss the chance to discover the soul of Russia and you can do it only on Volga!