• Saqqara – The Most Extensive Archaeological Sites In Egypt

    Saqqara is a vast, ancient burial ground in Egypt and served as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital,Memphis. Here you have so many treasures to explore and unique features of the numerous pyramids. The world famous Step pyramid of Djoser lies here in Saqqara. Compare Saqqara travel quotes and plan a great vacation in this amazing part of Egypt this season. It is here where the pyramid building in Egypt began. The region showcases the early architecture of the pharaohs. Some of the most dazzling treasures are the Bent Pyramid, Step Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. Look at different tour packagesSaqqara to explore the region.
    There is plenty to do and see during cheapest family tourSaqqara.

    Imhotep Museum
    The Imhotep Museum, lying at the foot of the Saqqara Necropolis, is dedicated to the Egyptian architect, Imhotep. The five halls of the museum display a variety of beautifully-presented finds throughout the necropolis. This is the best place to start the Saqqara vacation.

    Step Pyramid of Djoser
    Theoldest complete stone building complex at Saqqara is Djoser’s step pyramid thatwas built during the Third Dynasty. The tomb built by Imhotep for the third Dynasty ruler Djoserand is the earliest major stone structure that was built in Egypt. The form of the pyramid carries successive new layers of masonry and is accompanied by the expansion of the lower stages.
    The Step Pyramid is built of locally quarried clay sandstone and is 60 meters high.The chambersof the pyramid were used for the burial of close relatives of the King.

    Pyramid of Unas
    Pyramid of Unasis for the last King of the Fifth Dynasty. Its interiors were opened to visitors in 188. There is a sloping passage from the north side thatleads to an antechamber, and further to a horizontal corridor. Thewalls of the central chamber and the tomb chamber display inscriptions, the “Pyramid Texts. The hieroglyphs are filled in with blue pigment. The southern side of the Pyramid has three shaft tombs of the Persian period. There is a square vertical shaftconstructed of stone blocks that lowerto the tomb chamber.

    Double Mastaba of Nebet and Khenut

    The large Double Mastaba of Nebet and Khenut, were Unas’s wives and both their tombs carry the same ground plan and layout, thus reflect the equal status of the two occupants. Khenut’s tomb is however much ruined while Nebet’s tomb is still well preserved. The walls display the reliefs of the dead Queen and carry highly unusual mural reliefs showing Unas’s wives with servants.

    Several other Egyptian kings built pyramids at Saqqara that are now in different states of preservation or dilapidation. The region has remained an important complex for non-royal burials and ceremonies for more than 3,000 years that go back into Ptolemaic and Roman times. Look for Saqqara best package to uncover the ancient treasures of the region and plan a great holiday. The sites have been listed under World Heritage by UNESCO.