• Sentosa was once known as Pulau Belakang Mati, and it means peace and tranquility. Today, it is the major island resort of Singapore and Asia’s favorite playground. Visited by about 20 million people a year, this is an extremely popular leisure destination with exciting attractions. The luxe retreats and golden beaches are home to buzzing entertainment and an array of top attractions. There is so much to see and do in Sentosa that one is sure to remain spoilt for choices. Look for the best package Sentosa when you plan a trip there.

    Reaching Sentosa
    Get into Sentosa by Singapore Cable Car and you also enjoy an aerial overview of the Island. This is one of the best mode of transport that will take you directly to the attractions hub of Sentosa, from where you can kick-start your Sentosa journey. You can also reach Sentosa by foot, via Sentosa Boardwalk and take a leisurely stroll from VivoCity, the famous mall. MRT and Sentosa Express is the public transport that you can take to reach Sentosa Island. You can also take buses from Telok Blangah Road.
    Essential Experiences in Sentosa tour packages
    Compare Sentosa tour packages so as to get the best out of your tour. After all, it is simply impossible to cover the island in one day and you will have to come back again and again to explore Sentosa tours completely. There’s something for everyone here and those world-class attractions are easily accessible and well-connected for unlimited fun! Whether you are a nature lover, adventure-seeker or a history buff, there is always something exhilarating going on for you.

    Get ready to explore Sentosa and what it has to offer to the leisurely tourists, as well as the adventure junkies.

    Sentosa’s beach attractions
    Master different watersports, ride the roaring waves or simply stroll along the beaches if looking solitude at the beaches here. There are mesmerizing fireworks to be enjoyed at night. Explore the 3.2km stretch of sandy white shores of Sentosa and come across Siloso Point where you can get incredible underwater experience. Look for the cheapest family tour Sentosa. Other attractions are Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach, where you can relax and sip cocktails or enjoy a game of beach volleyball. There are global cuisines to indulge in.

    • Sentosa’s nature attractions
      The preserved areas of Sentosa mark the lushest and thriving greenery, thus making it a haven for nature lovers. Explore 45 hectares of natural coastal and secondary forests where you can find more than 170 species of birds and animals. Moreover, there are a great amount of Heritage Trees in Singapore. Visit Mount Imbiah to see the remarkable leftovers of a British pre-World War II gun emplacement that was abandoned in the 1930s. Take the Nature Walk that meanders 1.8-km through a secondary rainforest, giving you a direct encounter with wildlife, birds, insects and plants. Keep your eyes peeled interesting Tembusu trees and insectivorous pitcher plants. Spot long-tailed macaques, geckos, squirrels and many species of birds. This is the right place for the Nature buffs to be at. There are migratory birds and stunning butterflies to look at.
    • White sandy beaches

    The long stretch of white sandy beaches at Sentosa framed by tall coconut palms are a true tropical haven. There are three beaches along Sentosa – Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach, offering exciting recreational activities. You can go for wave riding, beach volleyball, kayaking, rollerblading, cycling and many other activities to explore on these beaches.

    • Sentosa Golf Club
      The exclusive Sentosa Golf Club is home to the most scenic and challenging championship in the region with 18-hole golf courses. You can either relax at the luxurious clubhouse or enjoy the magnificent landscape. This is a golfer’s dream come true and experience to remember. Look for the cheapest family tour Sentosa here.

    Today, tourists come looking for best package Sentosa and is the most popular holiday destination for Singaporeans and tourists alike.