• Find Some Big Adventure on Your Skiing Vacation in Turkey

    If you are looking for some great slopes for skiing in Turkey, well, you can be assured that you are in for some great excitement. Get ready for an enjoyable part of a vacation here in the winters. Look for the cheapest family tour Turkey that can take the whole family towards that snow laden slopes. Some of the main ski centers are at Uludag, Erciyes and Palandoken. Look for popular cities of Turkey where the skiing centers are close by. Compare Turkey travel quotes to plan a great Skiing vacation in Turkey.

    There is a long list of ski resorts in Turkey where you will come across some excellent facilities that have been developed in the recent years. It is no wonder to find that these Turkish ski resorts have become very family-friendly destinations.

    Popular Ski Resorts in Turkey

    • Palandoken

    Palandoken Ski Resort is one of the largest ski areas in Turkey and is very popular because of its good skinning conditions and excellent facilities. One can ski at an altitude of 3185 meters and enjoy the snow for 4-5 months during winter.

    • Uludag

    This is the most popular village in Turkey, and the Uludag Ski Resort is situated 36 km away from Bursa and at a height of 1800-2500 meters. The ski tracks are about 20 km and the longest ne extends to about 2km.

    • Kartalkaya

    Kartalkaya Ski Resort lies in the Black Sea Region and at and at a height of 1850-2200 meters. It is about 40 kilometers away from Bolu. Go for skiing in the best season that lies between late December and late March.

    • Sarikamis

    Sarikamis Ski Resort offers the best season for skiing from December to April. It is about 50 km away from Kars, and the track length is 1200 meters in length. The powdery snow is good for skiing.

    • Erciyes

    Erciyes Ski Resort is located at Mount Erciyes and also one of Turkey’s oldest ski resorts. It lies at a height of 3915 meters and about 25 km away from Kayseri.

    • Ilgaz

    Ilgaz Ski Resort is located at a height of 2850 meters and about 40 km from Kastamonu. The skiing seasons run from December and April, and this is a popular spot among the skiers.

    • Kartepe

    Kartepe Ski Resort is located in Kocaeli and offers a 1700 meter summit. This is a good slope for beginner’s and intermediate skiers.

    • Saklikent

    Saklikent Ski Resort lies in the Beydag mountain range and about 50 km west of Antalya. Offering an altitude of 2550 meters, the skiing areas lie between 2000-2400 meters and the snow is 1 meter deep.

    • Elmadag

    Elmadag Ski Resort lies on the northern slopes of Elmadag at a height of 1500-1850 meters. The area is covered with alpine meadows, and the skiing season runs between January and March.