• Temple Of Heaven For Heaven Worship And An Existing Masterpiece

    The Temple of Heaven is referred to as the Altar of Heaven and one of the top tourist destination for those who are on China vacation. Located on the southeastern side ofBeijing, the huge complex of religious buildings has been thesite of prayers for centuries, ever since the times of the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties.Regarded as a Daoist temple, the site of Chinese heaven worship was built in 1420. Today, it is the largestexisting masterpiece among the ancient sacrificial buildings in China. Compare tour packages China to make the most of your trip to China and do not forget to include a visit to the Temple of Heaven thatwas opened to the public as a park in 1988. Take a look at its grand architectural style to get an insight into the ancient Eastern civilization.

    The Temple of Heavenis enclosed by a long wall and itsnorthern part, which is the bigger symbolizes the heavens while the southern part stands for the earth.The Temple is dividedinto an inner part and outer partby two encircling walls. Explore the temple during the cheapest family tour China,

    The most magnificent buildings in Temple of Heaven

    The most splendid buildings are the Circular Mound Altar, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest,theImperial Vault of Heaven from south to north.

    • Circular Mound Altar
    This building lies in the southern part of the Temple of Heaven, and in apractical sense, this is the actual temple. Daring the ancient times, the emperors came here every year to offer sacrifice to Heaven on the day Winter Solstice. Its famous structures include the Ling Xing Gates, the Terrace of Worshipping Heaven, the Lantern Viewing Pole, the Firewood Stove, the Divine Kitchen Courtyard and the Heaven Heart Stone. Look for the best package China to cover the major attractions.

    • Imperial Vault of Heaven
    One can see the Imperial Vault of Heaven along the middle axis, and it is here where the Gods’ tablets that were used in Heaven Worship Ceremony were placed. It is well known for Three Echo Stones, Echo Wall, and the Dialogue Stone, which attractvisitors because of the sound waves.

    • Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
    Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is a huge palace with three layers of eaves and a round roof. It is here where the emperors held the worship ceremonies and prayed for abundant harvests and good weather. This is also among the oldest building of the Temple of Heaven and is made of Altar for Grain Prayers and Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.

    • Danbi Bridge
    The Danbi Bridge links the northern part and the southern part and is also known as the Vermilion Steps Bridge. The emperors believed that they could reach the heaven by this Bridge, and this is why it is also known as the Sacred Way. Compare China travel quotes to land the best holiday package.

    • Palace of Abstinence
    The Palace of Abstinenceis situated in the southwest of the Altar of Prayer for Good Harvest. It was here where the emperor fasted the Heaven Worship Ceremony, and the structure is made of several distinctive buildings such as the Rest Palace, the Beamless Hall, the Belfry, etc.