• Tour to The Floating City and The City of Canals-Venice

    You won’t believe that this sanctuary on a lagoon, Venice, is the same as it was six hundred years ago, and is considered to be the most beautiful city built by man. Being one of the most important tourists destination, is also one of romantic destination of Europe. Having numerous attractions and an international luxury destination, it lures cinematic industry, celebrities, artists and thousands of tourists from all over the world.

    • Multiple Attractions, at One Stop

    Do you know that the Piazza is the emblem of Venice also known as “the drawing room of Europe”. Though being overcrowded with tourists and pigeons is still very magnificent. Visitors can enjoy open space, outdoor café restaurants and stores. St. Mark’s Basilica often seen as the symbol of Venice’s former glory, links with Doge’s Palace a political and judicial hub, and the clock tower Torre dell Orologio, are the three major sites and key attractions of the city, found at one square, that is St. Mark’s Square. Look for Venice travel quotes for detailed information.

    • Place of Serenity

    Want to relax and take rest in an exquisite quiet garden, then walk to Ca’ Rezzonico Palace and Museum, which is an outstanding place, the halls and ballrooms are well designed with intricate piece of art by imperative Venetian artists, and is away from noisy tourist spots.

    • Romantic Gondolas

    Your Venice tour is incomplete, if you have not taken Gondola ride, the sleek, flat bottomed and romantic gondolas, will ferry you from one canal to another passing from, under the beautiful Bridge of Sighs. It’s a 40 minutes ride, you can also take tour of gondola boatyard or take gondola rowing lessons.

    • Intricate Architecture

    The best of Venice attractions is Ca’d’Oro a marvelous palace, these days known as the art museum, is also known as the Golden House. The renaissance sculptures, as well as the paintings and the masterpiece of Gothic architecture, with beautifully decorated floral facade are worth seeing. Do not miss the chance of captivating, the breath taking views of the Grand Canal, from the balconies of the palace.

    • For Foodies

    If you want to taste the genuine Italian gelato, then you won’t be disappointed as Suso Gelatoteca is the best ice cream shops in Venice. The place offers original flavors and their ice cream is made with natural ingredients, without the use of artificial colors.

    • Rosticceria Gislon in another famous joint for food lovers, a casual restaurant, a stone’s throw away from the Rialto Bridge, is popular among the tourists as well as the locals. They offer a variety of fried snacks and fresh sandwiches at nominal rates.
    • Browse Venice tour packages for Lido de tourist attraction, located on an island of Venice and you can ferry by waterbus from San Marco, its just 12 minutes distance. You can enjoy the casino and the bathing establishments along with the cinema palace, where the International Film Festival takes place each year.

    Venice tour and travels, offer a lot more to see in this beautiful city, floating on water, making your journey unforgettable and enjoy vacations with family, avail cheap family packages and have a novel experience with your near and dear one’s.