• Pearl of the Mediterranean – The Fascinating Alexandria

    Alexandria is the second well-known city of Egypt and has the past that is synonymous with splendor and immorality. Offering a unique blend of Jewish, Levantine, Egyptian, Hellenistic and European cultures, the region has always been a subject of cultural curiosity. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. Look for exciting tour packages Alexandria and have a glimpse in its ancient glory. You will love the new cultural vigor as well as the monuments of Alexandria that are a pale shadow of its ancient glory. Compare Alexandria travel quotes to look for the best experience within budget.

    Alexandria was founded by Alexander and was also the main center of learning in the ancient world. The city is dotted with historical monuments and museums. It has been relatively a latecomer on the platform of Egyptian history. The Delta is where one can see the “real” Egypt that is still untouched by tourism. There are major attractions here for the tourists such as the colorful moulids at Tanta and Damanhur or the ancient ruins of Bubastis and Avaris. You must cover all those attractions during your Alexandria cheapest family tour.

    Historical monuments

    • Citadel of Qaitbay

    The fortress is at a beautiful location that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and was built in 1480 to protect the city from attackers who could come by the sea. The Citadel is placed at the entrance of on the eastern point of the Pharos Island. Despite several disasters, the lighthouse did change to some extent but continued to work. Today, it is a Maritime Museum and a major attraction for the tourists.

    • Kom el-Shouqafa

    Kom el-Shouqafa lies on the village and fishing port of Rhakotis. There are underground tunnels and catacombs that were used as a private tomb for a single wealthy family. However, they were later converted to a public cemetery. You will find those catacombs unique in their planning and decoration. Plus, they also represent a blend of the Egyptians, Greeks and Roman cultures and traditions.

    • Pompey’s Pillar

    This is a 25-meter-high granite column, and the ancient monument was constructed in AD 297 in honor of Emperor Diocletian. Today, it is a very big shopping center where one can find different clothes.

    • Roman Theatre

    The Roman amphitheater is another attraction that you will find during Alexandria vacation. Made of white and gray marble, the 13 semicircular tiers can seat800 spectators.

    • Montazah Palace

    Montazah is the last khedive of Egypt and today; there is a casino on the ground floor, and the museum is on the upper levels. There are extensive gardens that are open to the public.

    There are different museums like Alexandria National Museum, Graeco-Roman Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Royal Jewelry Museum, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a lot more to do and see in Alexandria. Look for the best package Alexandria that covers all those major attractions. There are beautiful beaches of Montazah where one can sun bathe under those parasols with Egyptian tourists.