• Chennai – Your The Gateway To South India Chennai city

    Explore the latest tour packages Chennai that make for the most fascinating tourist attractions. There are beautiful beach resorts that are the pride of Chennai and many historical and spiritual centers. There are historical Forts, Temples and Churches from the 13th century, which are a beautiful example of the Dravidians architectural skills. When looking for a Chennai vacation, compare Chennai travel quotes from the leading tour and travel operators.

    Chennai excursions offer tourists a motley of fun filled experience. Plan a vacation to this enchanting land of Tamil Nadu and come back with some of the most memorable and wonderful moments of your life. Chennai is also the source of the Theosophical Movement. The iconic Marina Beach is a part of the city and is considered among the longest beaches in the world. Chennai has been rightly called the ‘Gateway to South India’ and exploring it can be a wonderful experience.

    The tour of temples and cathedrals
    A visit to all those magnificent temples is a must in your cheapest family tour Chennai. You can start with Mamallapuram and the move on to Chidambaram, Kanchipuram, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, Rameshwaram and Tiruchirapalli. Make a visit to Santhome Cathedral that has become an important pilgrimage centre. It was built over the tomb of apostle St. Thomas.

    Government Museum
    Government Museum of Chennai was established in 1851 and is also known as the Madras Museum. The museums are a great treasure and boasts of the finest masterpieces of art, anthropology, numismatics, archaeology, etc.

    Victory War Memorial
    Victory War Memorial is one of the two war memorials located here, the other being Madras War Cemetery. The memorial is located near Fort St. George at the beginning of the Marina Beach.

    Kattubava Mosque
    This is a popular mosque in the state of Tamil Nadu and is almost 500 years old. The old Mosque is in a state of temples and notable among Islamic Pilgrim Centres in the country. Another well known mosque – the Big Mosque is situated in the Janbazar area of Chennai and is certainly one of the most beautiful mosques.

    Vivekananda House
    Swami Vivekananda was the saint who introduced the Indian Philosophies to the Western World.Vivekananda house is a museum in Chennai that is treated as a place of pilgrimage and considered to be the landmark by the followers of Swami Vivekananda.

    Chennai is also an important center for Carnatic Music and hosts a large number of musical and cultural events. It is also a significant center for the “Bharatanatyam, and the Tamil film industry is based in the city.

    Include all the above places of interest in your Chennai best package and look for the top places to see in Chennai. There is plenty to do and see here in the land that is rich in culture and carries a wonderful heritage. One can go to the Snake Park situated in the Guindy National Park. There is plenty more to do and see in Chennai. Study the tour packages Chennai, and compare the travel quotes so as to land the best package.